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Plano Tackle Boxes

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For more than half a century, Plano has been supplying the fishing industry with high end, durable fishing tackle boxes. They are prized by anglers worldwide for their exquisite quality, innovation and resilience. From the occasional weekend angler to professional fisherman, Plano offers a wide variety of tackle boxes to fit every need.

Plano tackle boxes vary considerably in the number of drawers, trays and compartments, size, adjustability and other characteristics. Such characteristics are explained further in detail below.

Tackle Box Varieties

Since Plano tackle boxes come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and drawer and compartment counts, the selection of the right one for your particular needs can quickly become a very overwhelming decision. For guidance of choosing the tackle box to best suit your needs, read below for more information on the Plano tackle box varieties.

Drawer and System Boxes

Plano Drawer and System Boxes have spacious, bulk storage in the form of pull-out drawers and extra storage under the lid that is ideal for all of your bait, tackle and fishing accessories. Plano 2-BY and 4-BY fishing tackle boxes feature utility boxes for additional storage space. Models include the following:

  • 2-BY Rack System - 1362-00
  • 4-BY Rack System - 1364-00
  • Three Drawer Box - 737-001
  • Four Drawer Tackle Box - 758-005

Tray Tackle Boxes

As suggested by their name, Plano Tray Tackle Boxes feature tray storage systems top house your tackles, baits and accessories as opposed to compartments or drawers. All models feature secure brass latches for tight closure and select tray boxes include full lift out trays for easy accessibility to storage below. Models include the following:

  • Tackle Box with Tray - 1001-03
  • Large Six Tray Tackle Box - 9606-02

Satchels and Large Specialty Boxes

Select Plano Satchels and Large Specialty Tackle Box models are equipped with an innovative see-through DuraView lid feature, allowing for you to see your baits inside the box at a quick glance for improved accessibility. In addition, Plano Satchels and Large Specialty Boxes include up to 104 compartments and select styles have tiered designs. Models include:

  • Double Sided Magnum Box - 1119-06
  • Double Sided Satchel - 1120-00
  • Two Level Magnum Satchel - 1349-00

StowAway Utility Boxes

StowAway is a particular brand of Plano fishing tackle boxes that comes in a myriad of different varieties from waterproof models to boxes designed specifically for spinnerbaits. The diverse offering of Plano StowAway Tackle Boxes include the following:

StowAway ProLatch Tackle Boxes

Plano Stowaway ProLatch tackle boxes feature adjustable compartments that allow you to increase or decrease the number of compartments and to alter how space is divided. Models include:

  • StowAway ProLatch Tackle Boxes - 2-3705, 2-3715

StowAway Standard Boxes

These Plano Stowaway Standard Boxes have fixed compartments but come in smaller sizes for easy portability of a few of your favorite crankbaits and other small baits and accessories. Models include:

  • StowAway Set of Three Small Waterproof Boxes - 1061-00
  • StowAway Adjustable Tackle Box - 3455-00
  • StowAway Compact Tackle Box with Tray - 3510-01

StowAway Double Sided Boxes

Plano Double Sided Boxes offer clear, see through storage on two sides for easy accessibility and ability to find what you're looking for fast. In addition, double sided tackle boxes have adjustable compartments. Models include the following:

  • StowAway Micro Tackle Storage - 3214-07
  • StowAway Double Sided Utility Boxes - 3449-22, 3500-22, 3450-22,
  • StowAway Ultimate Tackle Box - 3250-03
  • StowAway Double Sided Organizer - 3215-08

StowAway Specialty Boxes

Plano Stowaway Specialty Boxes are available in round terminal accessory box models, pocket sized box models for fitting within larger tackle boxes or carrying alone for small fishing trips, storage for spinnerbaits, double sided models and much more. If you are looking for unique storage solutions, Plano Specialty Boxes have you covered. Models include:

  • StowAway Small Round Organizer - 1040-00
  • StowAway Mini Tackle Pocket Pack - 3213-09
  • StowAway Spinnerbait Boxes - 3503-03, 3504-00

StowAway Waterproof Boxes

Worry no more with Plano StowAway Waterproof Tackle Boxes of accidentally getting your tackle boxes wet. These boxes are completely waterproof for the ultimate protection and security of your bait and tackle. Models include the following:

  • StowAway Waterproof Boxes - 3540-00, 3640-00, 3645-00, 3740-00
  • StowAway Adjustable Waterproof Box - 3741-00

FlipSider Tackle Systems

Plano FlipSider Tackle Systems are the perfect storage solutions for spinnerbaits, stickbaits, spoons, and a variety of other tackle. Most Flipsider models feature innovative flip up compartments for easy seperation between baits. Offering up to as many as 32 separate compartments or 3 trays depending on the model, Plano Flipsider Tackle Boxes are ideal for safe keeping your prized tackle. Plano offers the following Flipsider Tackle Systems:

  • Flipsider Spinnerbait Box - 3734-00
  • Flipsider Deep Utility Box - 3734-00

Guide Series Tackle Boxes

If you're looking for fishing tackle boxes with ample bulk storage space for all of your bait and tackle, Plano Guide Series Tackle Boxes will easily fit your needs. Guide Tackle Boxes are available in multi tier designs, sliding drawer models or removable box styles for every storage preference. Many Guide Series Boxes are adjustable for creating just the right sized and number of storage compartments for the ultimate level of personalization. The following Plano Guide Series Tackle Boxes are available: Plano Guide Series 44 Magnum Tackle Box

  • Guide Series Two Tier Stowaway Box - 4600-00, 4700-00
  • Guide Series 44 Magnum - 1444-02
  • Guide Series Tackle System - 7592-01
  • Guide Series Professional System - 777-000

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