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Unicord 1/2in. Double Braided Nylon Dock Line

Unicord 1/2" Double Braided
Nylon Dock Line

From Only $10.60

Available in various colors
in 15 to 30 ft lengths

3 Strand Dock & Anchor Line

3 Strand Dock
& Anchor Line

From Only $0.14/ft

Treated to repel water
and stay flexible

Sta-Set Running Rigging

Running Rigging

From Only $0.53/ft

Low stretch, flexible,
ideal for most rigging

3 Strand Nylon Rope

3 Strand
Nylon Rope

From Only $0.13/ft

Nylon cord valued for
its elasticity & flexibility

Bungee/Shock Cord

Shock Cord

From Only $22.80/rl

50 ft rolls in
3/16". 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8"

Rigging Wire & Tiller Cable

Rigging Wire
& Tiller Cable

From Only $51.00/rl

For halyards, sheets, cables,
mooring pendants & more

Braided Dacron Cord

Braided Dacron

From Only $0.34/ft

Fine handling w/less
stretch & recoil than nylon

Rope Splicing Kit

Rope Splicing

Only $37.71

Includes 5 splicing fids
& complete instructions

Mooring Pendants


From Only $38.38

Tie up to moorings
with ease & peace of mind

Paraloc Barracuda Line

New! Paraloc
Barracuda Line

From Only $0.36/ft

Interlocked braid means
long life & no jams

System Three Varnish

New England Rope
Pre Spliced Dock Lines

From Only $15.44

Available in 3 strand
& double braid

Boat and Dock Cleats

Boat & Dock

From Only $1.84

Cleats for all applications
in classic & modern designs

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