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  • Grain Surfboards Sapling Kit

    8' multi-purpose fun board with lots of flotation, great for beginners as well as seasoned salts...

    Price: $764.64
  • Grain Surfboards Root Kit

    A classic semi performance 9' noserider perfect for mushy knee to head high beach breaks. The Root...

    Price: $817.74
  • Grain Surfboards Seed Kit

    6'5in, retro-style, high volume, single fin that catches waves easily and encourages fluidity from...

    Price: $711.54
  • Grain Surfboards Steamer Kit

    Designed for a small-statured long-boarder that wanted a catch-anything, full-volume longboard...

    Price: $764.64
  • Grain Surfboards Wherry Kit

    Can be a performance twin or quad fin fish offered in either 6'0in and 6'4in lengths. The Wherry...

    Price: $764.64
  • Grain Surfboards Waterlog Kit

    Catches the smallest waves early, with plenty of room to take a stroll. This board is truly a...

    Price: $870.84
  • Grain Surfboards Leaf Kit

    Based on a 1969 Paipo design that has a classic outline, very little rocker and is designed to have...

    Price: $552.24
  • Grain Surfboards Pandan Kit

    Originally conceived as a pro-level funshape designed with the help of seven-time world champ Layne ...

    Price: $764.64
  • Grain Surfboards Waka Kit

    A Steve Lis inspired, retro-style Fish that's available in 5'4in and 5'10in sizes....

    Price: $711.54
  • Grain Surfboards CI Biscuit Kit

    Developed with Rob Machado, Al designed this board for every surfer of any skill level surfing...

    Price: $849.60
Items: 1 - 10 of 10 | Pages: 1 
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