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  • Festool SysLite LED Uni Work Lamp

    Festool SysLite LED Uni Worklamp

    The portable Festool SysLite Uni is a lightweight, robust cordless LED worklamp with a tilting,...

    Price: $55.00
  • Kong Mantha LED Headlamp

    Kong Mantha LED Headlamp

    The Kong Mantha headlamp has 5 LED's. Lights can be configured for one, three, five, or three LED's...

    Price: $15.21
  • Pelican Nemo 2410 Recoil LED Submersible Flashlight

    Pelican Nemo 2410 Recoil LED Submersible Flashlight

    The Pelican Nemo 2410 Recoil LED Submersible Flashlight is a durable, yet easy to operate light...

    Price: $83.15
  • Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100

    Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100

    The Festool Syslite is an LED worklamp that provides super bright light for up to 4 hours on a...

    In Stock 

    Price: $180.11
  • Rigid Industries Halo Rechargeable Flashlight

    The Halo Rechargeable LED Flashlight from Rigid Industries is a compact, high-intensity torch. It...

    In Stock 

    Price: $99.95
  • Kong Medusa LED Headlamp

    Kong Medusa LED Headlamp

    The Kong Medusa headlamp has 3 LED's and 1 krypton bulb. Light housing can be angled for optimum...

    Price: $22.58
Items: 1 - 6 of 6 | Pages: 1 
Flashlights are a must for safety and convenience in any boat, car or household. For best performance try German engineered Coast lights, which incorporate a crystal lens and gold contacts. Or, select waterproof divelights from Pelican, designed to withstand the harsh elements from torrential rain or burst pipes, or a dive 500 feet underwater. Standard incandescent type lights offer economy or LED with comparable candlepower promise super long battery life. Xenon lights produce a high intensity beam that exceeds traditional performance and cuts through fog, smoke and haze. For a light that never needs battery replacement and is always ready in any emergency, try an LED Shake-Lite. These lights derive power by shaking a magneto inside the handle.
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