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  • Waveblade Power Shark Bio-Fouling Remover

    Waveblade PowerShark WB3000 Bio-Fouling Remover

    The Waveblade Power Shark WB3000 is a fully submersible and rechargeable handheld power tool built...

    In Stock 

    Price: $296.00 to $695.00
  • Waveblade Replacement Parts

    Waveblade Replacement Parts

    Keep your Waveblade running smoothly by replacing key parts as they become worn. Replacement...

    In Stock 

    Price: $5.40 to $27.00
  • Festool Planer Angle Stop

    Festool Planer Angle Stop

    Festool Planer Angle Stop for HL 850 E Planer. For planing at angles of 0 - 45 degrees. Stop area...

    Price: $110.00
  • Festool HL850E Plus planer, Festool HL 850 E power tool

    Festool HL 850 E Planer

    Festool HL 850 E-Plus planer has a spiral blade, producing less noise and a smooth surface. Quick...

    In Stock 

    Price: $615.00
  • Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover Accessory Blades

    Waveblade Accessory Blades

    Waveblade specialized blades are designed for more delicate surfaces, large flat surfaces, hard to...

    In Stock 

    Price: $21.60 to $46.35
  • Festool EHL 65 Planer

    Festool EHL 65 Planer

    The Festool EHL 65 Planer is designed for one handed use with an ergonomic grip that also features...

    Price: $399.98 to $1214.40
  • Festool Planer Blades

    Festool Planer Spiral blades

    Spiral blades for Festool Planer HL 850 E. Quick and easy changing....

    In Stock 

    Price: $40.13
  • Waveblade Submersible Power Barnacle Remover

    Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover

    The Waveblade is a revolutionary new hand held power tool that quickly removes barnacles and other...

    In Stock  Free Shipping!

    Price: $299.00
Items: 1 - 8 of 8 | Pages: 1 
Jamestown Distributors carries power planers from DeWalt and Festool. Electric planers make an easy job of large projects. Planers work great in fine woodworking as well as fixing framing in home building.

DeWalt has proven to produce well constructed power tools for any application. The DeWalt planer is perfect for beginner planer or for the contractor that uses one every day. Festool is one of the top of the line power tool companies in the world today. The Festool planer has a precise depth adjustment and the chip collection port work on either side of the planer. This Planer is the top of the line for finish carpentry, when the highest grade results are required.

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