Shurflo Extreme Series Smart Sensor Pumps
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  • Shurflo Extreme Series Smart Sensor Pumps

SHURflo Extreme Series Smart Sensor Pumps

Shurflo Extreme pumps represent the ultimate in pump performance and reliability, designed with a circuit board, microprocessor and pressure sensor.

These pumps use the latest cutting edge technology to maximize flow and pressure while delivering "Just Like Home" flow.

Corrosion resistant seamless motor shell, o-ring sealed end bells, and a protected electronic package. Each pump includes quick connect fittings.

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Variable Speed
Seamless Shell w/ Electro-Coating
Multi-Fixture Pump w/ Amp & Current Limiter


  • Features

  • High Flow- 5.7 GPM [21.6 LPM] Flow of 4.0 GPM [15.14 Lpm]
  • Variable Speed Pump Controlled by Smart Sensor (trade mark sensor)
  • High Pressure: 5.7 GPM model @ 65 PSI [4.5 BAR] / 4.0 GPM model @ 50 PSI [3.4 BAR]
  • No Pressure Switch Needed
  • Silent operation at any Flow/Pressure Condition
  • No Rapid Cycling
  • Seamless Heat Electro-Coated Motor Shell
  • 5.7 GPM model has 5 Chamber Design / 4.0 GPM model has 4 Chamber Design
  • Large Inlet and outlet Valve Passages
  • Automatic Voltage Protection
  • Current Limiting at 10 Amps Max.




Model 59010211 5.7 GPM


Model 49010211 4 GPM

Voltage   12 VDC  12 VDC 
Dimensions  9.25" x 5.0" x 4.72" [235mm] x [127] x [121]  8.25" x 5.25" x 4.75" [210mm] x [134] x [121] 
Flow Rate  5.7 GPM [21.6 LPM]  4.0 GPM [15.14 LPM] 
Amps (Max)  10  10 
Shut-Off Pressure   65 PSI [4.5 BAR]  50 PSI [3.4 BAR] 
BRAND: ShurFlo
Type: Water System Pumps
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