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Seaboard Foundry Pyramid Anchor

Seaboard Foundry Pyramid Anchors are ideal for hard rocky or sandy bottoms. Pyramid anchors are excellent in tidal waters as the attached chain is less likely to wrap around the anchor shaft than with an improperly set mushroom anchor. Available from 25lbs to 500lbs.
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Part Number


Weight (lbs)


Size Boat (Ft)

SEB-P25  25  Up to 10 
SEB-P50  50  10-14 
SEB-P75  75  14-16 
SEB-P100  100  16-18 
SEB-P150  150  18-20 
SEB-P200  200  20-24 
SEB-P250  250  25-29 
SEB-P300  300  30-32 
SEB-P400  400  35-37 
SEB-P500  500  37-39 
BRAND: Seaboard Foundry
Type: Anchor
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