Festool StickFix Brilliant 2 for Deltex DX 93 E Sander
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Festool StickFix Brilliant 2 Deltex DX 93 E Sander Abrasives

Brilliant Abrasive sheets for the Festool Deltex DX 93 E orbital sander.

StickFix is the Festool brand name for hook and loop (H&L) sandpaper, 3-11/16",

Brilliant 2 abrasive is for use with paints and varnishes.

Grits P40, P60, P80, P120, P180, 10 sheets per pack

Grits P40-P80, 50 sheets per pack

Grits P100-P400, 100 sheets per pack

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Brilliant 2 Applications  Suggested Grit  Process Level 
Wood  P220 - P400  fine finishes 
Fillers & Finishes  P40 - P60  heavy duty 
Fillers & Finishes  P80 - P120  coarse sanding 
Fillers & Finishes  P220 - P400  fine finishes 

Brilliant 2 abrasive is perfect for paint, fillers, primers and finishes like lacquers and varnishes; its antistatic coating is compatible with water-based products.

  • Use grits P40 to P60 for rapid removal, stripping stubborn paints and finishes and for rough shaping epoxies. Use higher grits to achieve finish quality.

  • Use grits P80 to P120 for prepping painted surfaces. Provides fast removal rate and good surface quality. Perfect grits for sanding fillers and drywall compound.

  • Use grits P150 to P180 to prep for fine finishes - adequate for most applications. Use higher grits to scuff sand between coats of finish.

  • Use grits P220 to P400 for the perfect finish. P320 is ideal for scuff sanding between coats.

  • Attachment Type: Velcro
    BRAND: Festool
    Hole Pattern: 6 Hole
    Type: Sheets
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