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WEST System Skin Creams

WEST System offers two types of skin cream, a medicated skin cream, as well as a solvent-resistant protective cream. WEST Systems superior medicated skin cream to helps condition, soothe and heal skin with a lightly scented formula absorbs completely.

The solvent-resistant protective cream offers Unequalled protection against oil and solvents. Protects against and aids in the removal of: greases, oils, lacquers, mastics, caulks, hydraulic fluid, tar, inks, dyes, rubbers, carbon, graphite, and many other solvent-based materials and dry powders.

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  • WSY-830 Medicated Skin Cream
    • Safe to use on all skin areas.
    • Special formulated skin conditioners, emollients and moisturizers that soften and condition the skin by replacing lost natural oils and helping to prevent dryness.
    • Lustrous, white, thick bodied cream.
    • pH 5.3-6.3
    • Rapid rub-in and leaves no oily or greasy after feel.
    • Contains Allantoin a cell proliferant that stimulates healthy skin tissue formation
    • Contains Chloroxylenol a proven bacteriostat to help reduce skin infections.
    • Lightly fragranced.
  • WSY-831 Solvent-Resistant Protective Cream
    • Rapid rub-in and leaves no oily or tacky after feel and will not interfere with worker's grip or dexterity.
    • Thick bodied cream.
    • Added emollients and skin conditioners.
    • Formulated with three bacteriostats that help control the growth of bacteria on the skin and reduce skin infections.
    • Neutral Scent
    • Use with protective apparel (ie: Latex, Vinyl or Nitrile gloves and Tyvek Paper Suits) when handling epoxy and polyester resins, fiberglass, carbon fiber and chemical skin irritants.


Material: Epoxy
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