TACO Rub Rail with Stainless Steel Overlap
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TACO Rigid Rub Rail with Stainless Steel Overlap

Taco Marine V21 series rub rails have cutting and drilling properties similar to wood. JD recommends using stainless steel fasteners when installing rub rails. See the table below for details on each of the Rigid Vinyl Rub Rails Taco offers. Inserts and fasteners not included with purchase. Each rail comes with Taco's 5-year warranty.
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Part Number  Color  Height (in)  Width (in)  Screws  Insert 
TAC-V21-9517BKA20D  Black  1-1/4"  3/4"  #10  V120303 
TAC-V21-9502WHC20D  White  2"  1"  #8  S114650P12 
TAC-V21-9613WHC20D  White  1-9/16"  3/4"  #8  S114510 or S114511 
TAC-V21-1025WHC20D  White  1-1/2"  1-3/8"  #10  S114510 
TAC-V21-1039BKA20D  Black  2"  1-3/16"  #8  S114650 
TAC-V21-9677WHD20D  White  1-15/16"  1-1/16"  #10  V125818 
Material: Vinyl
Metal: Stainless Steel
Type: Rub Rail
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