Echomax 180 Radar Reflector
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  • Echomax 180 Radar Reflector

Echomax 180 Radar Reflector

Echomax Radar Reflectors amplify your boat's footprint on other boat's radars. Smaller boats can often be tuned out by having the gain, sea state, or weather levels set to incorrect levels, making you dangerously invisible to the other boat.

Echomax EM 180 radar reflectors make your boat appear 2 or 3 times larger on radars than the actual size. Based on the proven John Firth patented stacked symmetrical array that produces peak responses of 8m2, Echomax developed the largest possible array with the smallest possible polyethylene case that has minimal windage and weight.

The EM180 may be deck, mast mount fixing, or halyard suspension mounted.

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Echomax Radar Reflectors are not suitable for horizontal mounting. Reflectors can NOT be put under winch pressure. Damage resulting from such use voids manufacturer's warranty.


  • Height :18.81in / 478mm (Overall)
  • Width : 7.75in / 197mm (Overall)
  • Fixing Centers :17.12in / 435mm
  • Fixings : 2 x 8mm Stainless Eyelets
  • Weight : 3lbs / 1.4kg


BRAND: Echomax
Type: Radar Reflectors
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