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Holmenkol Sport Polish

Holmenkol Sport Polish is the ultimate all-in-one hull and deck coating. Provides optimum sealing of hull and deck, is UV resistant, and offers long term protection against environmental effects. It is simple to use and achieves the effect in one operation. Sport Polish is both a cleaner and a high-tech coating based on nano technology, which is as easy to apply as a polish.

It produces an ultra smooth surface and as a sealant, provides superior protection on the surface in one easy step. Uniquely cleans without aggressive cleaning agents and forms through its nano-substructure a durable, optimal protection against the weathering of the surface. Gelcoats which are already weathered receive a glossy and dirt repelling surface. Prepares surfaces for Holmenkol AquaSpeed application. For the best results, use Holmenkol Care Fleece for applying polish.

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BRAND: Holmenkol
Type: Coating
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