Offshore Systems Resistive Sender Deck Filler Gauges
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  • Offshore Systems Resistive Sender Deck Filler Gauges

Offshore Systems Resistive Sender Deck Filler Gauges

These Digital Deck Filler Gauges, made by Offshore Systems, are specifically for standard resistive senders and display the tank level right at the tank's deck filler. The blue LED display allows the user to keep track of the exact tank level at the point of filling, enabling you to fill the tanks to the top without the risk overfilling. Filler gauge is easily connects to your analog level gauge with the included 8 meter cable. Filler gauges are available for either 50mm/2in or 38mm/1.5in fill pipe diameters and with Diesel, Fuel or Gas laser engraved into the stainless steel polished bezel.

The filler cap has a recess for a standard opening key and features a heavy duty O ring seal to keep water out of the tank. Due to rising fuel costs, Offshore Systems has answered your requests for a filler lock.

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Fuel Deck Filler Gauge must be securely bonded with wire to the fuel tank

The optional 3211 Deck filler gauge key lock fits into the octagonal key opening preventing the fuel from being stolen or contaminated. Each filler gauge meets the IEC60945 Maritime Navigational and Radio Communications Equipment Standard.

BRAND: Offshore Systems
Type: Deck Fills
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