Offshore Systems NMEA 2000 Network Cabling
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  • Offshore Systems NMEA 2000 Network Cabling

Offshore Systems NMEA 2000 Network Cabling

NMEA 2000 networks are comprised of a single trunk or backbone cable running through the length of the vessel where up to 50 Tee Adapters can be attached to the network to provide power and receive information. The trunk or backbone cable can be created by either using made up cables or cord sets that are available in a range of lengths or by running bulk cable and using field installable connectors where Tee connectors are required.

Offshore Systems Trunk cables are rated to carry 4 amps and use 7.5mm diameter cable with 14.5mm diameter connectors. Cable is available in 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 meter lengths and as bulk cable.

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  • OSS-3810: Micro Male/Female Cord set- 0.5m/ 1.5 ft
  • OSS-3811: Micro Male/Female Cord set- 1m/ 3 ft
  • OSS-3812: Micro Male/Female Cord set- 2m/ 6 ft
  • OSS-3814: Micro Male/Female Cord set- 3.6m/ 11.8 ft
  • OSS-3815: Micro Male/Female Cord set- 5m/ 16.4 ft
  • OSS-3819: Micro Male/Female Cord set- 10m/ 32.8 ft


Network Limitations

Backbone/Trunk Cable length: The distance between any two points on the network must not exceed 200 meters for a Mini backbone/trunk cable and 100 meters for a Micro backbone/trunk cable. In most cases, this distance will be measured from terminator to terminator. However, if the distance from the Tee connector over the drop cable, to the last device at each end of the network, is greater than the distance from the Tee connector to it's terminator, then the length of that drop cable must be included in the total length calculation.

Drop Line Lengths: The total drop cable lengths on the network must not exceed 78 meters and no single drop cable must exceed 6 meters.

Maximum Number of Devices: A maximum of 50 devices can be attached to a network. It is possible to run multiple networks in a vessel with gateways between networks if it is required to share information between more than 50 devices.

BRAND: Offshore Systems
Type: Network Cables and Connectors
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