Stryker Searchlights w/Wireless Remote
  • Stryker Searchlights w/Wireless Remote

Stryker Searchlights w/Wireless Remote

Golight Stryker Searchlights are durable, versatile, powerful lights that feature unique wireless remote operation. These UV ray and saltwater resistant lights produce 500,000 candle power at 5.5 amps and have integrated 12V DC high-torque motors for optimal performance.

Weatherproofed for land and sea applications, each light also includes its own waterproof remote and R.F. programmable super heterodyne receiver. Stryker Searchlights feature 370 degree rotation x 135 degree tilt and Golight exclusive CR5 Pentabeam II Technology for maximum illumination.

Combining the revolutionary Golight five sided parabolic reflector with an axial filament Philips 9011 bulb, Golight Cr5 Pentabeam Technology provides an exceptionally bright beam of light that eliminates dark spots and reaches distances of up to one half mile.

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Available in white black or chrome

Measurements: 7.5 in x 7in x 7.25in with a 6in x 6in base

BRAND: Golight
Type: Searchlights and Spotlights
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