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Trionic Water/Holding Tanks - 60 to 100 Gal

Trionic Water/Holding Tankss meet nearly all size and durability requirements. All tanks are rotationally molded from seamless one piece, non-corrosive linear polyethylene that meets FDA acceptance and complies with Coast Guard regulations.

Each waste holding tank has one 1/2" vent and has two 1-1/2" openings. Openings on all tanks are female National Pipe Threads (NPT) and are located on one end of the tank. Every tank is guaranteed to be extremely durable, and will not collapse when emptied with high capacity pumps.

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Part Number  Capacity  Dimensions (inches)(LxWxH) 
TCC-SH20601  60 Gallons  54 x 24 x 12 
TCC-SH2061  61 Gallons  40 x 22 x 16 
TCC-SH2068  68 Gallons  43 x 23 x 16 
TCC-SH20681  68 Gallons  36 x 19 x 23 
TCC-SH2075  75 Gallons  73 x 28 x 10  
TCC-SH20751  75 Gallons  66 x 22 x 12.5 
TCC-SH2095  95 Gallons  68.5 x 22.5 x 14.25 
TCC-SH2100  100 Gallons  46 x 26 x 20  
TCC-SH21002   100 Gallons  49 x 34 x 14.25 
TCC-SH21003  100 Gallons  44 x 32.5 x 18 
BRAND: Trionic
Type: Holding Tanks and Accessories
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