Sea Tech Blue Straight Length Tubing
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  • Sea Tech Blue Straight Length Tubing

Sea Tech Blue Straight Length Tubing

Sea Tech blue marine plumbing tubing is formulated from high performance, cross-linked Polyethylene material. Tubing is manufactured in multiple sizes. It's FDA recognized, NSF listed, and produced for easy water line identification.

The tubing performance rating for operating pressure is, vacuum to 160 psi. The maximum temperature is 180 degrees F at 100 psi (82 degrees C at 6.8 bar) and 72 degrees F at 160 psi (22 degrees C at 11 bar). Sea Tech 3/8" and 1/2" CTS tubing 50' coils are manufactured in a dispensing box.

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Item Number  Tube Size  Package 
STC-B1205  3/8" CTS  5' Straight Length 
STC-B1210  3/8" CTS  10' Straight Length 
STC-B1220   3/8" CTS  20' Straight Length 
STC-00B1250  3/8" CTS  50' Coil Box 
STC-B12250  3/8" CTS  250' Coil 
STC-B5805  1/2" CTS  5' Straight Length 
STC-B5810  1/2" CTS  10' Straight Length 
STC-B5820   1/2" CTS  20' Straight Length 
STC-00B5850  1/2" CTS  50' Coil Box 
STC-B58250  1/2" CTS  250' Coil 
STC-B7805   3/4" CTS  5' Straight Length 
STC-B7810  3/4" CTS  10' Straight Length 
STC-B7820  3/4" CTS  20' Straight Length 
STC-B7850  3/4" CTS  50' Coil Box 
STC-B78250  3/4" CTS  250' Coil 
BRAND: Sea Tech
Type: Plastic Tubing
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