Sea Tech Red Straight Length Tubing
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  • Sea Tech Red Straight Length Tubing

Sea Tech Red Straight Length Tubing

Sea Tech Red Tubing is used in hot water supply and return line installations. Manufactured in multiple sizes and colors for easy water line identification.

All Sea Tech products are available in standard imperial inch sizes and interconnect with all Sea Tech 24 Series fittings. Their unique, quick-connect design allows for quick and easy connections without installation tools.

Simply cut the plastic, copper, or CPVC piping and snap a Sea Tech fitting in place for a completely watertight seal. This tubing has been rated for 180 degrees F at 100 psi (100 degrees C at 6.8 bar), and 75 degrees F at 250 psi (24 degrees F at 17.25 bar). Certified to NSF-61, NSF-14, CSA B137.5, ASTM F877, IGC 188-04c, and recognized by the Uniform Plumbing Code.

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Item Number  Tube Size  Package 
STC-R1205  3/8" CTS  5' Straight Length 
STC-R1210  3/8" CTS  10' Straight Length 
STC-R1220  3/8" CTS  20' Straight Length 
STC-00R1250  3/8" CTS  50' Coil Box 
STC-R12250   3/8" CTS  250' Coil 
STC-R5805   1/2" CTS  5' Straight Length 
STC-R5810  1/2" CTS  10' Straight Length 
STC-R5820  1/2" CTS  20' Straight Length 
STC-00R5850  1/2" CTS  50' Coil Box 
STC-R58250  1/2" CTS  250' Coil 
STC-R7805  3/4" CTS  5' Straight Length 
STC-R7810  3/4" CTS  10' Straight Length 
STC-R7820  3/4" CTS  20' Straight Length 
STC-R7850  3/4" CTS  50' Coil Box 
STC-R78250   3/4" CTS  250' Coil 
BRAND: Sea Tech
Type: Plastic Tubing
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