The Screamer Autotether Alarm System
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  • The Screamer Autotether Alarm System

The Screamer Autotether Alarm System

Please note that these are on backorder with the manufacturer. They are expected to arrive in Summer 2015. Please call for more info.

The Screamer Autotether Alarm System is the complete "Man Overboard Alarm System." This alarm system will not shut off your motor, but it will send a loud pulsating alarm sound. Ideal for sailboats, large motor boats, or anyone towing a dinghy. You will also find it useful around a pool, campsite, or at the beach.

As soon as the sensor is submerged in water, a wireless signal is sent to the receiver mounted inside the boat that triggers the 105dB alarm, to warn the operator and any passengers of a "man overboard" situation.

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"The Screamer" Features:

  • Includes 1 personal sensor & 1 receiver
  • Runs on AAA batteries
  • Loud Pulsating sound (105db)
  • 2 velco straps

"The Screamer" is GREAT FOR THE POOL!

  • Place a sensor on a child while around the pool. If they go underwater the alarm will sound!
  • Great for a party, people can still swim but if a small child falls in wearing a sensor the alarm will go off.
  • Simple to install. The system is totally portable so you can take from pool to pool.
  • 70% of preschool drowning occurs while in the care of one or both parents.
  • 19% of all children related drowning occurs at public pools where a lifeguard is present.
  • The majority of children who drown, do so in backyard pools at their own home.

Use "The Screamer" at POOLS, CAMPSITES, or BEACH

  • Because "The Screamer" is both portable and wireless, it works both on boats and on land.
  • "The Screamer" can easily be brought on camping trips or to the beach and pool to monitor a child or pet.
  • "The Screamer" sensors are lightweight and can be easily adjusted to fit around the arm, wrist or personal floatation device of a child or adult, or even on the collar of a pet.


BRAND: Autotether
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