Fein Multimaster Marine Top Kit
Fein fein
  • Fein Multimaster Marine Top Kit
  • Fein Multimaster Marine Top Kit
  • Fein Multimaster Marine Top Kit

Fein MultiMaster Marine Top Kit

The new MultiMaster Marine has been specifically developed to help the handyman to maintain, restore and build boats.

The Fein MultiMaster Marine Top is the next universal system in oscillation technology. With it's oscillating motivation and extensive collection of accessories, the Fein MultiMaster Marine Top is an incredibly versatile tool that will help with every major application from interior fittings, maintenance, to repair.

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  • MultiMaster Marine Top package includes:
  • (1) FEIN MultiMaster FMM 250 Q with QuickIN rapid clamping system in a durable plastic tool case
  • (1) sanding pad with a plastic backing plate
  • (5) of each type of sanding sheet, 60, 80, 120 and 180 grit, unperforated
  • (1) dust extraction assembly
  • (5) of each type of sanding sheet, 60, 80, 120 grit and 180, perforated for dust extraction
  • (1) saw and file set: M-CUT narrow (3/8" / 10 mm), M-CUT wide (3/4" / 20 mm) and carbide narrow file
  • (1) Universal E-CUT blade 1 3/4" (44 mm) wide, offset
  • (1) HSS blade, round diameter 4" (100 mm) with depth stop
  • (1) carbide segment saw blade
  • (1) rigid scraper blade
  • (1) each 5/32" (4 mm) and 3/16" (5 mm) wide teak paneling blades
  • (2) bristle fleece
  • (3) felt polishing pads


The Fein Multimaster Marine Top has several exceptional features-a metal drive head, quickIN rapid clamping system for the highest possible operation, an oscillation angle of 1.6 degrees, speed control for precise work that can be adjusted for the specific application, and last a softgrip zone to allow for the best possible handling.

This is the tool for boatbuilders and boat owners. It contains a huge range of selected accessories for all major applications in boatyards and shops. In this great package you will get extra attachments for Polishing, Sawing, Filing as well as a set of the Teak Deck blades. This is an amazing set.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption: 250 Watts
  • Oscillations/min.: 11,000-20,000
  • Power Cord Length: 16 ft
  • Sanding pad, corner to corner: 3-1/8"
  • Tool Mount: QuickIN

Type: Multitool
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