FLIR Navigator II Thermal Imaging Camera - Pan/Tilt Mount
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  • FLIR Navigator II Thermal Imaging Camera - Pan/Tilt Mount
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FLIR Navigator II Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR's Navigator II is a low-cost thermal imaging device designed for navigation and collision avoidance. It is easy to see floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in total darkness and reduced visibility, allowing you to navigate with confidence and piece-of-mind, in virtually any condition. The FLIR Navigator II is offered in two models, a fixed-forward configuration and a full pan/tilt system.

The Navigator II is suited for a variety of applications including: Navigation, Collision Avoidance, Man Overboard Recovery, Fire Detection, Vessel in Distress Detection, Anti-Terrorism, Vessel, Crew & Passenger Protection

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  • High quality, long wave thermal imager
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Wide angle, 36° lens for optimal situational awareness
  • Simple operation and easy to install
  • Works with most Multi-function displays (MFDs)
  • 2X E-Zoom*
  • Single button Home feature
  • Uncooled VOx Thermal Imager
  • 2 Year Warranty by FLIR


The Navigator II Pan/Tilt model also includes the Joystick Control Unit (JCU), this easy to use unit offers a few simple controls:

On/Off - Turns the camera video and the Joystick Control Unit camera controls on and off

Joystick - This allows the operator to control where the Navigator II is looking, move the joystick to the left or right to rotate the camera in the corresponding direction; tilt it forward and back to tilt the camera up and down

DIM - Control the brightness of the JCU panel

HOME - The programmable Home position drives the Navigator II to a known bearing relative to the bow of your vessel, usually straight ahead; operators can use the Home position as a reference and as a rest position for use while navigating for long periods

ZOOM - Toggles between the 1x and 2x zoom settings

SCENE - Cycles through Night Running, Day Running, Man Overboard, or Night Docking gain settings to change the brightness and contrast of the image

B/W - Selects black hot, white hot, red hot, fusion or rainbow video image mode; hot objects display differently depending on the selected mode

Navigator II  Fixed Mount   Pan/Tilt Mount 
Sensor Type  Microbolometer  Microbolometer 
Thermal FOV  36° x 27°  36° x 27°  
E-Zoom  N/A  2x 
Pan/Tilt Coverage  N/A  360° Az/ +/-45° 
Video Output  NTSC or PAL  NTSC or PAL 
Power Requirements  12 VDC  12 VDC 
Operating Temp  -25°C to 55°C  -25°C to 55°C 
Type: Thermal Imaging Devices
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