Raymarine ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Sailboat Autopilot
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  • Raymarine ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Sailboat Autopilot
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Raymarine ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Sailboat Autopilot

The Raymarine ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Linear Drive Autopilot is designed for Sailboats and is a complete system with everything needed for easy installation on small mechanically steered sailing vessels.

The ST70 color display provides a superior graphical autopilot display and day/night color palettes with high-visibility numerical readouts.

The SmartPilot X-10 Corepack is the "brains" of this modular pilot system and functions as the course computer and compass.

The power of this system is provided by the Type 1 linear drive unit. This autopilot system fits sailing vessels with mechanical steering up to 24,000 lb. (11,000 kg).

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  • ST70 Control Head Features:

  • 3.5" Sunlight viewable color display
  • Intuitive graphical displays for visualizing autopilot control
  • Simple setup and calibration with AutoLearn
  • Programmable AutoTack control
  • Extensive range of fishing patterns
  • Multifunctional dodge feature
  • SeaTalkNG next generation data bus interface for creating a ST70 instrument network
  • Compatible with Raymarine SeaTalk and SeaTalkng autopilots as well as Raymarine multifunction displays

  • X-10 Autopilot Core Pack Features:

  • Designed for all Raymarine Type 1 autopilot drives
  • Built-in rate gyro processor
  • Raymarine AST (Advanced Steering Technology) Software
  • AutoLearn calibration
  • Smart Rudder Sense technology eliminates the need for a rudder feedback sensor
  • NMEA 0183 compatible
  • SeaTalk and SeaTalkng compatible
  • Automatic trolling of preset fishing patterns

  • Type 1 Linear Drive Features:

  • Smooth, reliable integration with boat's mechanical steering system
  • Designed for vessels up to 24,000 lbs. displacement (11,000 kg.)


ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Linear Drive System for Sailboats Specifications

ST70 Autopilot Control Head 
Display Type:  Sunlight viewable Color Transflective TFT 
Display Size:  3.5" 
Display Resolution:  QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) 
Languages:  UK English, US English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian 
Pilot Page Options:  Plain, Compass Rose, 3D Isometric View 
Interfaces:  SeaTalkng, NMEA2000, SeaTalk, SeaTalk2 
Connectors:  (2) SeaTalkng connectors 
Approvals/CE:  Conforms to 2004/108/EC 
Dimensions (W x H X D):  4.3" (110mm) x 4.5" (115mm) x 0.95" (24mm) 
Weight:  0.6 lbs (.27 kg) 
Mounting:  Low profile flush or surface mount 
Voltage:  9-16 Volts DC 
X-10 Autopilot Core Pack 
EMC compliance:  Europe 2004/108/EC (EMC) Australia and New Zealand: C-Tick, Compliance Level 2 
Inputs:  Fluxgate compass, NMEA 0183 v2.3, SeaTalk, SeaTalkng, power, sleep switch and rudder position sensor 
Steering drive compatibility:  All Type 1 drives/pumps (excluding CR pumps) (drive voltage must match boat's supply voltage) 
Drive motor output:  continuous 10A at supply voltage 
Drive clutch output:  1.2A at 12 / 24 V selectable 
SeaTalk output:  2A at 12 V (fuse protected at 2A) 
SeaTalkng output:  2A at 12 V (fuse protected at 2A) 
NMEA 0183 v2.3 inputs/outputs:  See relevant installation guide for received/transmitted NMEA 0183 
NMEA fast heading output:  HDG 10 Hz 0.1° resolution 
Fuses:  Standard automotive blade fuses 
Power Terminals:  15A 
SeaTalk Terminals:  2A 
operating temperature:  -10° C to 55° C (14° F to 131° F) 
non-operating temperature:  -20° C to 70° C (-4° F to 158° F) 
relative humidity limit:  80% 
water protection:  drip resistant when mounted vertically 
Gyro:  internal GyroPlus fitted onto circuit board as standard 
Dimensions (width, height, depth):  307mm (12.1 in), 195 mm (7.7 in), 70 mm (2.8 in) 
Nominal supply voltage:  12 or 24 V DC (fuse protected at 15A) 
Operating voltage range:  10 V to 32 V DC 
Power consumption (standby):  300 mA 
temperature range:  -5° C to 50° C (23° F to 122° F) 
relative humidity limit:  75% 
Type 1 Linear Drive 
Maximum boat displacement:  24,000 lb (11,000 kg) 
Peak thrust:  295 kg (650 lb) 
Maximum stroke:  12 in (300 mm) 
Hard over to hard over time (+/- 35°, no load)  11 sec 
Maximum rudder torque:  6,500 lb.in 735 Nm 
Power consumption:  18-36 W 

The ST70 Autopilot Control features the next generation SeaTalkng data bus for connection to SmartPilot X-Series autopilot core packs, ST70 instruments, and also NMEA 2000 compatible devices. Fully waterproof (CFR46) and engineered for the rigors of the marine environment, the ST70 Autopilot Controller can be easily surface mounted or flush mounted, matching the profile of ST60+ and ST70 instruments, as well as Raymarine Multifunction Displays and marine monitors.

BRAND: Raymarine
Type: Autopilots
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