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Jabsco replacement impellers for engine cooling, water, bilge, and transfer pumps. Replace all impellers at least once a year or sooner, depending on the application. Correctly installed impellers may last for years, but it is always advisable to stick to preventative, rather than corrective, maintenance.

When choosing a replacement, use neoprene impellers for engine cooling and for fresh or salt water transfer duties. Neoprene is the most commonly used material and is suitable for use where only small amounts of oil and diesel fuel are present.

Use nitrile impellers for bilge pumping, and for transfer duties where the water is heavily contaminated by oil or diesel, for example.

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Item #  Drive Type  Blades  Size  Depth  Shaft 
ITT-1210000124   12  2-1/4"  1-1/4"  5/8" 
ITT-173700001P   12  3-3/4"  3-1/2"  1" 
ITT-17936000124   12  2-1/4"  1-1/4"  1" 
ITT-224050001P   1-9/16"  3/4"  15/32"  
ITT-6303000324   2"  7/8"  5/16" 
ITT-920000124     2-9/16"  2"  5/8" 
Type: Impellers
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