Contoure CookMate 4200 Double Burner Recessed Stove
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  • Contoure CookMate 4200 Double Burner Recessed Stove

Contoure CookMate 4200 Double Burner Recessed Stove

The Contoure CookMate 4200 double burner recessed alcohol stove uses the Safe-Flame non-pressurized canister system with a large capacity of 1-1/4 quarts of alcohol. Includes a bamboo burner cover that doubles as a cutting board.

The CookMate 4200 needs no hose, no pumping, no preheating. Environmentally friendly fuel using grain based alcohol. 6800 BTU of heating - can boil 1 quart of water in 8 minutes. Stainless Steel long lasting construction.

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Additional Features & Info

Stoves using traditional cooking fuels such as butane or propane may pose the risk of explosion. This is eliminated with the new The CookMate Alcohol Stoves featuring the SafeFlame non-pressurized fuel canister system. The SafeFlame; canister system absorbs and holds approximately 1.2 liters of alcohol fuel. The unique design prevents fuel from leaking out, even if it's turned completely upside down.

Ultra-reliable and environmentally friendly, the SafeFlame non-pressurized canister system, eliminating the pumping, priming, hoses and valves of pressurized systems. Burns for 4.5 hours per fill. Denatured alcohol is a safe environmentally friendly, clean cooking fuel and can be easily extinguished with water.

Dimensions  5-7/8' H x 22-7/16" W x 14-3/16" D 
Cut-out Dimensions  20-1/2" x 12-3/16" L  
Weight  21lbs 
BRAND: Contoure
Type: Stoves and Accessories
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