Parker Fuel Polishing Module - 50 Gal/Day In-Line
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  • Parker Fuel Polishing Module - 50 Gal/Day In-Line

Parker Fuel Polishing Module - FPM-050

FPM Series Fuel Polishing Module prevents fuel system contamination with daily preventative maintenance for diesel fuel. Scrubs fuel clean by circulating it through separate independent filtration loop.

The daily buildup of condensation can lead to fuel contamination through bacteria growth. As diesel fuel warms through engine use or the daily heat of the sun, its natural capacity to absorb water increases, dissolving and dispersing a percentage of any water in the tank. When the fuel cools, this dissolved water desorbs into a bacteria-harboring emulsified suspension. Parker's Fuel Polishing Module extracts water from diesel fuel systems, preventing corrosion and other system problems. By flowing the fuel gently over many hours, the FPM-050 maximizes your filter's ability to separate this difficult-to-remove emulsion and filter out particulate.
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Features & Benefits:

  • Provides maximum fuel system reliability by removing entrained moisture and accumulated contaminants.
  • Keeps fuel dry, promoting a bacteria-free environment and preventing contaminant build-up.
  • Reduces the need for expensive fuel treatments and additives.
  • Uses patent-pending, solid state pump technology, consuming only 150 mA, minimizing battery drain and enabling continuous fuel maintenance. Can be run from a small solar panel.
  • Allows for fuel maintenance during engine down time and off-season storage.
  • Easy to install and operate; incorporates automatic, full-flow bypass valve, eliminatnig the need for manual switching.

FPM-050 Performance Specifications

  • Filtration Rate 50 gallons/day
  • Power Requirements Less than 2 W (less than 3 A-hrs/day)
  • Internal Pressure Drop Less than 0.5 psi
  • Voltage Requirements 10-16 VDC, 12 VDC nominal
  • Approx. Max. Dimension (L x H x D)
    3.87" x 2.47" x 2.14" (Body) // 3.87" x 4.48" x 2.14" (With Bracket)
  • Port, Inlet & Outlet 3/8 NPTF
  • Port, Recirculation 1/4 NPTF
  • Weight Less than 2 lbs
  • Acceptable Fuels Diesel, Bio-diesel, Kerosene


The FPM-050 is a recirculation system with a solid-state pump and a built-in Racor filter that can polish up to 50 gallons of fuel daily. It consumes 150 mA at 12 VDC and can be powered by a solar panel. It incorporates an automatic bypass valve that eliminates the need for manual switching and is compatible with diesel, biodiesel and kerosene. The FPM-050 can be retrofitted to existing diesel fuel systems, either in line with the main fuel filter/water separator or as a dedicated fuel maintenance loop.

Low Power Preventative Maintenance
The FPM-050's solid state pump consumes only 150mA at 12 VDC, less than 2 W of power. The FPM-050 can even be powered by a small, optional solar panel, leaving no net drain on your batteries. By installing the optional programmable controller, you can schedule preventative fuel maintenance. Simply program the FPM-050 to perform regular maintenance while you are away to keep fuel dry and to prevent contaminants from accumulating in the fuel system. Then, you can arrive confidently at the marina after weeks away and know that your fuel is freshly filtered and your boat is ready to get underway.

Retrofit into Virtually Any System!
This versatile fuel maintenance solution can be installed in multiple configurations to maximize reliability. The module is designed for easy retrofitting into existing diesel fuel systems, whether inline with the main fuel filter/water separator, or as part of a dedicated fuel maintenance loop. In either configuration, regular use of Parker's new FPM-050 while the engine is idle helps prevent contaminants from accumulating in the fuel system by continuously removing moisture from the fuel.
BRAND: Parker Energy Systems
Fuel: Diesel
Type: Fuel Accessories
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