KVH Datascope Monocular, Compass and Rangefinder
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  • KVH Datascope Monocular, Compass and Rangefinder
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KVH Datascope Monocular, Compass and Rangefinder

The KVH Datascope is a monocular, compass, and rangefinder in one. This waterproof instrument is used by boaters, racing sailors, divers, and hikers. It is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, making it easy to take along.

Boaters and sailors use the DataScope to locate waypoints and buoys, for collision avoidance, and for taking fixes. Racing sailors use it to track their performance against the competition, for locating marks and buoys and for determining the range to the mark. Divers use it to locate and relocate their favorite sites. Hikers navigate to their destination, and celestial navigators rely upon the DataScope's simultaneous time/bearing memories.

A Protective Case is also available. The KVH Datascope carry case is constructed from black Kodra nylon with belt loops, clip and snap closure. Sold separately.

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  • Highest-quality optics and permanent focus design
  • Internally gimballed to help maintain 0.5° accuracy
  • Calculates the range to any object and stores nine separate bearings with their associated times
  • Illuminated for nighttime viewing
  • Compact, one-handed unit is completely waterproof with rubber buttons and grips


The DataScope combines a 5x30 monocular, a digital compass, an electronic rangefinder, and a chronometer in one handheld unit, making it the most versatile navigational instrument available today. Ideal for sailors, boaters, hikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts, the DataScope accurately computes the range and bearing to an object with just the push of a button. And since the information is superimposed on the scopes field of view, you never need to take your eyes off of the target. Lightweight, waterproof, and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, the DataScope puts precision navigation into the palm of your hand.

BRAND: KVH Industries
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