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3M PPS Mini Cup Kit

3M's PPS Paint Preparation System represents a technological leap forward in paint feed systems for spray guns. The introductory Mini Cup Kit contains everything you need to spray more economically and efficiently. The resulting PPS system is mounted on your spray gun by a cup and collar system and a dedicated adapter.

The paint inside the disposable liner is under vacuum, so the bag collapses as the paint is dispensed. Resulting in a gun that can be sprayed at any angle, with no loss of paint flow continuity and no paint leakage! The liner bag and lid are disposable, offering easy cleanup and less need for harmful solvents.

3M PPS is a cleaner, faster method for feeding paint to your gun, and the PPS system's inexpensive disposable parts offer a considerable savings by reducing the need for cleaning the gun and its parts with solvents.

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Kit Includes:


  • 2 each of the PPS Mini Cups and Collars
  • 50 PPS Mini Lids and Liners
  • 20 PPS Plugs
  • 2 PPS Film Inserts
  • 1 dispenser


Type: Paint Sprayers
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