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Alumiprep 33 is a nonflammable phosphoric acid based cleaner, brightener, and pre-paint conditioner for aluminum. This product should not be used on high copper bearing aluminum alloys or aluminum castings. Cleaning with Alumiprep 33 produces a chemically clean and corrosion free aluminum surface.
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Application Equipment - Acid resistant brushes, synthetic sponges, clean cloths. Mix Alumiprep 33 in acid resistant rubber, stainless steel or plastic buckets.

Surface Preparation - Surface should free of heavy grease, grime, dirt, or other foreign material allowing the Alumiprep 33 to treat the oxidized surface as efficiently as possible.

Mixing and reduction - for light oxidation and corrosion removal dilute one part Alumiprep 33 with five parts water. For heavy corrosion and oxidation, dilute one part Alumiprep 33 with 2 parts water.

Instructions - Selecting the size area to be treated at one time will depend on the method of application, condition of the metal surface, temperature and part configuration. A typical treatment time is where the Alumiprep 33 solution is in contact with the metal surface between two and five minutes. Alumiprep 33 cleaning and conditioning chemicals aggressively attack aluminum oxidation and corrosion to completely remove them, leaving a bright, clean metal surface. With heavy corrosion, its removal can be aided by the use of scrubbing (try a Scotchbrite pad).


  • Type: Phosphoric Acid based cleaner
  • Theoretical Coverage: The quantity of Alumiprep 33 needed varies with mix ratio, application efficiency, part size, and amount of corrosion to be removed.
  • Under ideal conditions, a gallon of Alumiprep 33 treas 1600 sq ft (149 sq m) of surface.
  • VOC: 160 g/l or 1.3 lbs/gal


BRAND: Awlgrip
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Aluminum Etch
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