Electrical Bus Bar 10 x 8-32 Stud Common Bus
Blue Sea Systems marine bus bar for electrical distribution on boats
  • Electrical Bus Bar 10 x 8-32 Stud Common Bus

Electrical Bus Bar 10 x 8-32 Stud 150A

The Blue Sea Systems 150 amp bus bar is a marine industry standard bus for hot distribution or negative collection circuits. Complete with snap-on insulating cover. (10) x 8-32 screw terminals, (2) x 1/4-20 studs.
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150A Electrical Bus Bar Features:


  • Snap-on insulating cover attaches to studs and allows unobstructed wire access
  • Stainless steel studs allow high torquing for excellent electrical contact
  • Recessed mounting holes eliminate accidental shorts to aluminum and steel mounting surfaces
  • Raised busbar to provide easy access to multiple wires on a single screw or stud
  • Continuous Amperage: 130 Amp AC / 150 Amp DC
  • Voltage Rating: 300 Volts AC Max / 48 Volts DC Max


BRAND: Blue Sea Systems
Type: Terminal and Fuse Blocks
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