Standard Horizon HX471S Submersible Radio
Standard Horizon Standard Horizon
  • Standard Horizon HX471S Submersible Radio

Standard Horizon HX471S Submersible AM/FM/VHF/FRS Radio

The Standard Horizon HX471S is a 5 watt marine radio, capable of transmitting and receiving on Marine VHF, Family Radio Service (FRS), as well as receiving AM, FM and Aeronautical bands. The submersible HX471S monitors a range of frequencies previously not available in a handheld radio.
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The first portable marine-specific radio to receive AM Aeronautical band along with standard AM and FM signals, this unique feature allows the Standard Horizon HX 471S to monitor a wider range of frequencies than any other portable unit.

As much as boaters try to keep sensitive electronics dry, its not always possible. Portable radios are exposed to rain, splash-over, and sometimes even dropped overboard. The HX471S was designed with ultimate reliability in mind, and can handle submersion of 3 feet for up to a half hour! Standard Horizon is so sure of its durability that they will repair or replace failed radios for free during the first 3 years of original purchaser ownership.

DSC Digital Selective Calling for distress calls is handled by an included NMEA Charging cradle that allows the radio to be connected to any GPS. Connecting the HX471S to a GPS allows your position of your vessel to be stored inside the radio. Distress calls signal your position and activate a built-in high intensity strobe light that is visible over 1 mile.


  • Packaged with a 1300mAh Lithium-Ion battery, the HX471S will deliver 10-12 hours of operation off a single charge.
  • Attaching either 110VAC or 12VDC cable to the NMEA Charging Cradle allows the Lithium-Ion battery to be rapid charged within 3 hours.
  • The HX471S utilizes a high impact, non-corrosive die-cast chassis. This unique case withstands the physical abuse a hand held marine radio receives.
  • The FRS band function allows multiple radios in short range to communicate over a non-VHF band in direct walkie-talkie mode.


BRAND: Standard Horizon
Type: VHF Handheld Radios
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