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Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw Accessories

With a wide range of time-saving, quality-improving, task-specific accessories, you will do more with your Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw than you ever thought possible. Five unique base inserts are available along with a circle cutter set and other replacement parts. Buy each accessory individually or purchase the complete accessory kit.
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Carvex Jigsaw Accessory Descriptions

Carvex Accessory Kit - The Carvex accessory kit is the ultimate set for the Carvex jigsaw and is a great way to store, protect and organize your system accessories. Kit includes: 4 base inserts (#497298 Dimpled Base, #497299 Hard Fiber Base, #497300 Steel Base, #497301 StickFix Base), #496134 Angle Base, #497303 Base Adapter, #497304 Circle Cutter, #490120 Splinterguard (5 pieces) all packaged in a #497564 SYS 2 TL case.

Angle Base - The patented Festool Carvex angle base will make extremely accurate beveled cuts on inside and outside corners. The wider footprint provides plenty of support. A green dial on the back of the base is easily accessible and allows accurate angle adjustments +/- 45°. Only compatible with Carvex 420 jigsaw models.

Standard Base Insert - Universal base insert for wood and wood-like materials. Comes standard with Carvex Jigsaws. Only compatible with Carvex 420 jigsaw models.

Dimpled Base Insert - The low friction base has outstanding glide properties. The dimpled, plastic bottom offers lower resistance, especially when sawing without dust extraction. Because of the design, dust will not accumulate at the front of the base as you cut. Only compatible with Carvex 420 jigsaw models.

Hard Fiber Base Insert - The hard fiber base is for use on wood and similar materials. It provides a smooth, low friction, phenolic surface and, unlike a plastic base, will not pick up chips or filings that may damage your material. Only compatible with Carvex 420 jigsaw models.

Steel Base Insert - The metal cutting base has a steel insert, which is far more durable that the standard base. For use when cutting metals with the Carvex jigsaw, which is capable of cutting non-ferrous metals up to 3/4" and steel up to 3/8: thick. Please note that you need to use a metal cutting blade for this application. Also, when using dust extraction during metal cutting, you need to make use of Festool's spark trap to prevent hazardous conditions which may lead to fire. Only compatible with Carvex 420 jigsaw models.

Stickfix Base Insert - The StickFix base employs replaceable felts which attach via StickFix hook and loop. The felts provide maximum assurance against abrasion on delicate surfaces and finishes. Replacement felts can purchased separately in 5 packs. Only compatible with Carvex 420 jigsaw models.

Circle Cutter Set - Base Adapter #497303 and Circle Cutter #497304 for cutting circles from 2-11/16" to 9' 10-1/8".

Replacement Felt - For use with StickFix base insert. Hook and loop design base facilitates quick and easy installation of felt covers protecting delicate surfaces from scratches and wear. Comes 5 pieces per container.

Product #  Description 
FES-497709  Carvex Accessory Kit 
FES-496134  Angle Base 
FES-497297  Standard Base Insert 
FES-497298  Dimpled Base Insert 
FES-497299  Hard Fiber Base Insert 
FES-497300  Steel Base Insert 
FES-497301  StickFix Base Insert 
FES-497443  Circle Cutter Set 
FES-497444  Replacement Felt (5 Pieces) 
BRAND: Festool
Type: Jigsaw
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