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  • TotalBoat Thixo Pro Series
  • dispensing Thixo with the Pro two component applicator

TotalBoat Thixo Pro 2:1 Epoxy System

New for 2014!

You told us you loved Thixo, but wanted more adhesive per tube. We listened. Thixo Pro is our top selling thickened 2:1 epoxy adhesive, in a larger 450ml dual cartridge package. That's 2.5 times more. If you are working on a large project, Pro is the way to go. You'll save time, have less waste, and get more adhesive for your money.

Standard 185 ml Thixo cartridges fit regular caulking guns. To dispense Thixo Pro, you need our Pro Gun. This manually operated, two component applicator is specifically designed for use with Pro cartridges. A powerful 26:1 trigger ratio lets you place a bead of adhesive exactly where you want it.

Cartridges and Pro Gun sold separately. Choose from the drop down below to select. Each cartridge includes two mixing tips. Additional mixing tips are also available in two packs and quantities of 12.

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Our solution for everything: more stuff, no hassle, no cleanup, less waste. This convenient project-ready epoxy adhesive is ideal for large gap-filling projects and structural repairs below/above the waterline. Thixo is non-sagging a thixotropic epoxy that will stay put on any vertical or overhanging hard to reach corner. It cures to a hard, translucent surface that can be drilled, painted, or sanded. This no-mess, no-hassle versatile 2:1 epoxy system comes equipped with two free static mixing tips to ensure accurate mix ratio upon application every time.

Ideal working temperatures range from 50-80 degrees F.

Thixo Pro Series fits a dual cartridge 2:1 dispensing gun (resin 300ml + hardener 150ml). Additional tips sold separately.


  • Tensile Adhesion, Wood: 1,420psi
  • Tensile Adhesion, Aluminum: 1,840psi
  • Tensile Adhesion, G-10 Laminate: 2,090psi


Resin Density at 25c, lbs/gal  9.6  ASTM D1475 
Hardener Density at 25c, lbs/gal  8.8  ASTM D1475 
Resin Color - A  Buff  Visual 
Hardener Color - B  Amber  Visual 
Thixotropic Index, 1/10RPM  7.5   
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A:46B  Calculated 
Mix Ratio by Volume  2A:1B  Calculated 
Gel Time at 25c, 150 gram mass, min  30-35  ASTM D2471 
Color  Buff  Visual 
Hardness, Shore D  80  ASTM D2240 
Tensile Strength, psi  6,000  ASTM D638 
Tensile Modulus, psi  325,000  ASTM D638 
Tensile Elongation, psi  8.5  ASTM D638 
HDT, Post Cured, F  122  ASTM D648 
Compressive Strength, psi  9,000  ASTM D790 
Flexural Modulus, psi  307,000  ASTM D790 
Flexural Strength, psi  10,500  ASTM D790 
Thrust, lbf  900 
Pressure, psi  268 
Drive  Manual 
Capacity, ml  300 x 150  
Mix Ratio  2:1 
BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
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