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Paint Brushes

The type and quality of a paint brush hinges on several factors. Brush bristles can be natural (animal), or synthetic (such as nylon, polyester etc). Brushes with polyester filament bristles work well with just about all types of paint, as they don't lose resiliency with use or absorb water. We recommend natural animal bristle brushes for oil-based paint only. Nylon bristle-equipped brushes can be used with both latex and oil paints.

When looking at paint brushes, look at the bristle ends. Good paint brushes have a high percentage of split aka flagged ends to better hold paint and leave fewer brush marks. Bristles/filaments should vary in length for smooth paint release. Brushes for precision and detail painting should be pointed or tipped.

The Wooster Shortcut Brush has a full sized head with a soft and short handle, to make painting corners, trim, and other difficult to reach areas simple. Bristles made of white China, which offers softer feel and a fine finish.

Badger Hair Paint Brushes feature genuine Badger hair bristles, which are thickest at the end and thinnest at the root. Badger hair brushes are most often used for blending oil based paints. They are also in larger sizes for enamel and varnish use.

Black china bristle brushes are basic paint brushes for general purpose use. Work well with bottom paint, resin etc. White China Bristle brushes work well for oil-based paint, stain, varnish and polyurethane, as well as shellac and lacquer. Soft natural bristles yield a smoother finish than a black china bristle brush.

Varnish Brushes

Epifanes brushes are all natural varnish bristle brushes, with individually split bristle ends. These varnish brushes are round, oval, or elliptical. Round varnish brushes are designed for use on rails, trim, or anywhere rounded edge area where an even flow of paint is critical. An elliptical varnish brush is similar to standard flat brushes but has significantly more holding capacity. The oval style is probably the best for varnish as it combines the qualities of the round and elliptical, and has a slower release of paint or varnish. In general, brushes used for varnishing have long and soft flat bristles desgined to leave no bristle marks. Also used for smoothing and soft blending.

Chip Brushes usually feature natural (hog) bristles set in epoxy cement. A chip brush is great for working with resin, glue, acetone, and other solvents.

Foam Brushes don't work well with lacquer or shellac. A disposable brush that leaves a smooth finish. We also carry solvent resistant foam brushes that are great for varnish, enamel, urethane finishes, staining, and single and two part paints.

Lettering Brushes usually have long 'hairs'. The length is what gives these brushes high paint carrying capacity. Natural fiber lettering brushes work best on surfaces like glass, vinyl, metal, and plastic. Rough wood and canvas surfaces require a more durable, often synthetic, letter brush.