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Marine Water and Waste Holding Tanks

Holding tanks are a vital component of your boat's plumbing systems. Holding tanks can be used to hold fresh water, waste water, and or wash water. Although some holding tanks are portable, most waste or water tanks are mounted securely somewhere inside most boats. Polyethlyene water and waste tanks are also generally less prone to retaining odors, compared to tanks made of aluminum or stainless steel. Be sure to drain tanks of any waste or water when preparing your boat for off season storage, to prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures. Do not consider using any tank that is not capable of being easily pumped out!

We carry one piece molded durable polyethylene waste holding and water tanks that comply with FDA regulation CFR 177.1520 and meet Coast Guard standards. All openings are female NPT (National Pipe Threads Tapered) and are located in the same relative position on one end of the tank. Fittings are not included in the price of the tanks. These tanks are suitable for all marine plumbing, waste holding, and water supply needs.

Water Tanks have (1) 1-1/2" fill, (1) 1/2" vent and (1) 1/2" supply opening.

Holding Tanks have a heavier wall thickness than water tanks and feature (2) 1-1/2" openings and (1) 1/2" vent.