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Drill Bits

Fuller Drill Bit / Countersink Sets

Sets come complete with taper point bits, countersinks, stop collars and hex keys. Some kits have plug cutters, some have hex quick change bits. Designed for pre-drilling the shank of woodscrews. Standard Drill Bits, also known as Regular Point drill bits, have a 118 degree included angle point with cutting relief angles suited to cut metal or wood. It is designed to be an all-purpose point for cutting most materials.

Twist Drill Bits with 135 degree V-point are the standard, general-purpose bits, good for drilling wood, metal and plastics. They are excellent for cutting holes in end grain and are easy to sharpen.

Brad Point Bits are to be used for wood only. Better for cross-grain cutting than the traditional twist drill bit. A brad point bit will leave a cleaner hole, won't walk at start of cut or drift during the cut. The Brad in the center of the point allows accurate positioning when starting a hole even if the hole is not 90-degrees from the surface. The outlining spurs sheer the wood grain and leave a clean edge around the opening of the hole, eliminating the need for sanding. In most woods, the spurs also help to produce a cleaner edge when drilling through the backside of the wood.

Forstner bits are designed for boring holes. They will give you perfectly smooth, flat bottomed, clean sided holes in nearly every material. These bits are excellent for drilling at angles, including angles over 45 degrees. Use them in portable drills or drill presses.

Spade bits are used to bore small holes through wood. Their angled spur design cuts cleanly. Spade bits are also used to enlarge existing holes, and can be used in high speed electric drills and presses.

Mortising chisels and bits are for making square mortises in one stroke and oblong mortises with each succeeding stroke. The hollow mortising chisel and hollow chisel bit work together. The bit allows you to drill a hole with a diameter the same as the length of a side of the desired square hole.

Auger Bits are not designed to cut accurately sized holes. Oversized clearance holes will always result. A barefoot auger bit will usually cut smaller than one with a screw point, but there are better bit choices out there for precise hole cutting.

Taper Point drill bits work well for pre drilling holes for the threads and shank portion of standard wood screws in a variety of hard and softwoods.

Screw extractor bits are for removing broken screws and bolts. Left-hand spiral tapered flute works itself into drilled hole and removes broken piece without damaging threads. Includes pilot drill bit for drilling pilot hole.

High Speed Steel Step Drill bits are for countersinking round head fasteners. Drills and countersinks in one step. Use on metal, plastic, and wood.

Vix drill bits feature a spring loaded, sliding outer sleeve that makes positioning the drill over mounting holes much easier. Used often for cabinets, doors, hinges, handles, drawer slides etc.

Plug Cutter bits by Fuller are made from heat treated steel. Easily cut your own plugs in either soft or hardwood with these four bladed plug cutting bits.

W. L. Fuller Co Inc. is a family owned, third generation, manufacturer of the best Countersinks, Counterbores, Plug Cutters, Taper Point Drills, Brad Point Drills and Step Drills made 100% in the U.S.A. today. With over 40 years experience manufacturing tools to cut woods, plastics and metals, we can recommend and supply the tools you need to get the job done while saving you time and money. All of our products carry our "Satisfaction Guarantee". Most orders are shipped the same day they are received.

Additional Drilling and Driving products are available from Freud (Forstner Bits), Stanley (Nut/Screw Drivers) and Woodstock International (various drill bit kits). Drill bits are used in power drills, traditional hand drills and presses.