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Ancor produces a wide line of specially designed marine grade electrical products engineered for the demands of marine environment and elements faced out on the water. It is important to remember that marine electrical systems are much different than standard electrical wiring. All parts in the wiring process must be waterproof, UV ray and corrosion resistant, as well as strong enough to stand up to extreme vibration and flexing. Ancor wiring components exceed these standards.

Ancor Marine Electrical Wiring Components

Ancor Marine Wire and Cable
Ancor wires and cables are long lasting, flame retardant and extremely durable. Choose from primary wire, battery cable and specialty wire in a wide variety of sizes and in all ABYC recommended colors for standardization and ease of recognition.

Ancor cable and wire is extremely flexible, eliminating wear due to flexing or vibrations on the boat, and is coated to resist the harsh effects of heat, abrasion, salt water, batter acid, oil, gasoline and UV rays. Available in standard lengths from 8 ft to 1000 ft to meet just about any marine wiring application from small repairs to complete overhuals.

Electrical Connectors And Terminals
Butt connectors are needed to join two conductors. In standard electrical wiring applications this would be the main goal but when it comes to marine electrical wiring connectors also have to be able to stand up to the corrosive ocean environment. Ancor butt connectors and wire terminals are specifically designed for the job, constructed from tinned copper with nylon insulation specially designed to tightly grip the wire.

This makes them easy to crimp and unlikely to split, protecting your wiring and cables from water and corrosion, without affecting the current flow.

Choose from a wide selection of butt connectors, flanged spades, nylon ring terminals, disconnects and pin terminals in a variety of sizes for various marine electrical wiring applications.

One of the most common electrical problems, in regards to connections is a loose fitting terminal on the stud or wire. Ancor heat shrink terminals, connectors, and tubing, when paired with the proper crimp tool are sure to create a tight, waterproof connection each time.

Lugs And Battery Terminals
All Ancor electrical lugs and battery terminals are constructed from heavy duty annealed, 100 percent, tinned copper to resist salt and moisture corrosion while offering maximum current flow. Their closed end design seals out moisture to keep your cables dry and corrosion free.

Electrical Heat Shrink Tubing, Terminals And Connectors
Standard heat shrink tubing is typically constructed from basic PVC material. Ancor tubing is made from a polyolefin material that is much stronger and less likely to burn than PVC. All tubing as well as every heat shrink connector and terminal features a strong heat activated adhesive lining that creates an extremely strong seal to protect your wiring from salt water, oil, acids and sunlight, making it a better and smarter choice for your boat.

Wire Management
Electrical wiring can tend to get messy, cables and wires can get tangled, and loose hanging wires can become a safety hazard if someone onboard your boat were to trip over one. This is why wire management products are needed. Ancor offers a variety of products that are ideal for giving any marine electrical wiring project a clean and professional finishing touch.

Ancor Light Bulbs
Marine grade bulbs and lamps are available for a variety of applications. Each lightbulb is constructed with a heavy duty glass envelope to resist breakage, a nickel-plated brass base to prevent corrosion and has been tested to ensure durability and dependability.

In 2008 Ancor introduced its line of LED bulbs that can be used as a direct replacement for existing incandescent bulbs. The two main benefits of using LED marine lights, over traditional bulbs is their high level of energy efficiency and long lifespan. They require a low current draw, and include no fragile filaments, which allows them to last up to 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They also operate at a low temperature, making them safer to the touch and better for use near potentially flammable materials.

Ancor Toggle Switches, Circuit Breakers and Accessories
Breakers are necessary to protect circuits from overload and to protect you by isolating a circuit from the rest of the system for safe modifications and maintenance of your marine electrical systems. Ancor Marine Grade breakers and switches are unique in that they are all constructed with high grade stainless springs and specially plated sub components. Their weather resistant switches have held up to the challenge of 100 hour salt spray tests and the magnetic world circuit breakers provide superior over current protection and have been tested to meet the needs of all worldwide markets.

Ancor offers a variety of electrical switches as well. Their toggle switches are available in a nylon, nickel plated brass or illuminated design. The rocker switches are completely sealed, to keep out water, dust and debris and are certified for prolonged water submersion. Available in standard or illuminated design, every Ancor rocker switch is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and to last through a minimum of 150.000 cycles.

Electrical Wiring Tools, Meters and Kits
When out on the water it is important to have fuses built to last and withstand the elements. Ancor fuses are fast acting and corrosion resistant, featuring a quick open design to protect them from overloading or shorting out. Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit every need, each fuse is tested at least twice to insure quality and durability.

You can not do a proper electrical wiring job without the right tools. Ancor offers a variety of Marine Grade tools, meters and kits that are easy to use and sure to produce professional results. They have a complete line of wire crimps, cable cutters, wire strippers and heat tools to compliment their wide variety of electrical products. The clamp on meters and multimeters are available for an assortment of functions and ranges from 4-Function, 6-Range to 15-Function, 32-Range, making them ideal for use in most electric circuits.

Ancor produces a variety of connector, lug, fuse, tubing and tool kits to meet any of your marine electrical wiring needs. Kits vary is size from the basic 31 piece Premium Connector Kit to the large 600 piece Nylon Insulated Connector Kit, insuring a kit is available for just about any possible application.