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Attwood Marine

Attwood is a supplier and manufacturer of a variety of marine products and hardware, and has been serving the marine industry for over 100 years. Attwood is an award-winning leader in design, development, testing and manufacturing of the highest quality boat parts and accessories for the marine industry.

Worldwide, boatbuilders rely on Attwood more than any other marine accessories manufacturer because their products consistently outperform and outlast all others. Attwood products are tested in the lab as well as in real underwater conditions.

Today, Attwood Marine is recognized as a leader in innovative deck hardware and sets the industry standard for quality and reliability. They also supply and manufacture everything from cleaners, rope, fuel and fishing systems, LED lights, bimini tops, seating and more.


Swivl-Eze Pedestal Systems

Attwood Marine offers Swivl-Eze power pedestals, bell pedestals, floor mounts and seat mounts for boats of all types and sizes. From their 3/4" and 1/77" systems, to the more advanced 238 removable and fixed configurations they offer the finest seat hardware available anywhere.

Transom Savers

During trailering, a lifted outboard can put hundreds of foot-pounds of pressure on the transom. With Attwood transom savers you can help protect your boat and engine from this pressure. Attwood offers a variety of savers, including:
  • Adjustable
  • Heavy duty
  • Shock absorbing

Electrical Equipment

Attwood is a main supplier of battery boxes and trays to the marine industry and other related industries as well, they also offer a complete assortment of DC-rated electrical accessories including fuses, switches and accessory plugs.

Portable Fuel

Attwood offers a broad range of fuel accessories, including:
  • High-quality fuel tanks
  • Lines and fittings for popular engines
  • Primer bulbs
Attwoods new fuel tanks, primer bulbs, quick connect hose fittings and fuel line kits meet EPA regulations for 2009-2011.


For decades, Attwood has been a leading supplier of lighting products to the world's finest boatbuilders, their lights are designed to perform even in the harshest environments.
  • Navigation lights
  • Underwater lights
  • Docking lights
  • LED courtesy, utility and task lighting

Pumps & Water Systems

Attwood offers a complete line of pumps and blowers available for fishing boats, runabouts, cruisers, yachts, and commercial boats. The Tsunami Series of cartridge style bilge and aerator pumps are engineered for higher performance in the most service friendly design imaginable. Their cartridge style allows quick and easy replacement without the need to remove hoses or mounting bases. For all boats with sleeping accommodations, or those that are over 20' long should use an automatic bilge pump system. You may easily convert non-automatic pumps drawing 12-amps or less to automatic operation with an Attwood Automatic Float Switch.

**Bilge pumps are designed to exhaust standing water only. They are not intended to prevent rapid accumulation of on-board water due to rough weather, hull damage, and/or other unsafe navigational conditions. Bilge and aerator pumps must be lower than the source of water for priming. To determine the size pump you need, measure the diameter of the hose outlet on your electric bilge pump.


Proper ventilation is essential for boating safety, it helps to keep fresh air flowing through passenger areas as well as the bilge, engine and fuel tank area.The ventilation equipment and accessories offered by Attwood feature the revolutionary, patented Turbo In-Line Blowers for 3" and 4" diameter systems. These turbo blowers are designed using aerospace technology, making them the most dependable, efficient, and powerful in-line blowers on the market. This new turbo line also features the industry's first water-resistant blower models, with proven durability. Turbo water-resistant blowers come with a 3-year limited warranty, and a 1-year warranty for standard models. Attwood's Turbo 4000 Series Blowers set the standard for in-line blower performance, using advanced fan blade design techniques, as well Attwood has developed a blower system that matches air flow of existing in-line blowers at a significantly reduced noise level. These Turbo 4000 Blowers are constructed in a plastic housing that resists deformation during installation and prevents blade to housing interference for added durability.

Marine Cleaners, Polishes, and Waxes

Attwood offers a complete line of premium quality cleaners, polishes and waxes to help keep your boat looking like new. These products are packaged in "green" biodegradable bottles and are formulated using the highest-quality, most eco-friendly ingredients available.

Rope, Line and Cordage

Attwood offers this new line of ropes, lines, and cords for all of your boating needs.
  • Dock lines
  • Anchor lines
  • Utility and general purpose rope
  • Fender lines
  • Launch line


Attwood Marine is your best source for adjustable rod holders and interchangeable mounts, they offer a comprehensive selection for all typesof rod holders.
  • Pro-series heavy duty rod holders
  • Heavy duty accessories
  • Heavy duty rod holders
  • Non-adjustable rod holder
  • Flush-mount and clamp-on rod holders
  • Rod storage
  • Mini rigger kit
  • Closeout fishing

Seating Systems

Attwood is the marine industry's premier source of seating systems, they offer everything from the finest folding seats to beautiful bucket seats. Attwood seating systems are engineered to enhance both the look of the boat and the comfort of the boater. Attwood has continually introduced award-winning seating innovations year after year.


Are Attwood pumps fully submersible?
Yes, all of Attwood's aerator and bilge pumps are sealed units and are fully submersible, (except the wash down *11574 and potable pump *6126).

Do Attwood pumps have built in check valves and/or fuses?
No, Attwood pumps do not have built in check valves or built in fuses.

Can the aerator pump, pump water in both directions?
No, the Attwood's aerator pump will not pump water both directions.

Can Attwood pumps run dry for short periods of time?
Yes, they are able to run dry for short periods of time.

Are Attwood pumps self priming
No, Attwood pumps are not self priming, except for the *11574 wash down pump.

Will Attwood aerator pumps draw water up the inlet in a vertical position, like a straw?
No, water must be at the impeller for the pump to move water.

Are Attwood blowers, bilge, and aerator pumps ignition protected?
Yes, all Attwood blowers, bilge and aerator pumps are ignition protected.

Can I use an AC/DC converter to run Attwood DC pumps
It is not recommended and use of one will void your warranty.

What is the highest temperature that Attwood pumps and blowers can handle?
The highest temperature that Attwood pumps and blowers can handle is 130°F.

Do you have to use a 3-way switch with your automatic pumps?
No, you can wire them directly to a power source with proper fusing.

Does it matter which way I mount my gas spring (cylinder end up or down)?
Yes, you should mount them with the cylinder up when it's in its resting position.

Which way should the impeller on my pump turn?
The proper direction is counter clockwise.