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Hella Marine Lights

Hella Marine's range of lighting encompasses a wide variety of traditional incandescent bulb, halogen bulb and LED lights spanning marine navigation lamps, deck floodlights, courtesy lights and more interior and exterior lamps.

Hella Navigation Lights

Hella marine navigation lights are offered with both LED and traditional bulb technologies. All nav lights meet International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (IMO COLREG 72) standards and all Hella NaviLED LED lights are BSH certified. Navigation lighting includes the following:

  • All round lights
    An all round light produces an unbroken arc of 360 degrees over the horizon.

  • Side lights
    A Starboard lamp is a green side light and Port lamp is red. Each shows an unbroken beam over an arc of 112.5 degrees.

  • Stern lamps
    A stern lamp is a white light placed as close as possible to the stern. It shows an unbroken light over a 135 degree arc.

  • Towing lamps
    A towing lamp is a yellow light placed vertically above the stern lamp to produce an unbroken light arc of 135 degrees.

  • Masthead lamps
    A masthead lamp is white in color and should be placed over the fore and aft center line. It shows an unbroken light over an arc of 225 degrees.

  • Tri-color lamps
    For sailing vessels shorter than 20 meters long, a tri color lamp can be used. It is placed on top of the mast and combines the sidelights and stern light but should only be used when a boat is at sail. If the vessel is under power traditional navigation lamp rules must be followed.

    Hella Floodlights

    Hella Marine deck lights feature advanced lens and reflector designs for more unified & less harsh lighting. Each light is constructed with stainless steel mounting hardware and impact resistant housing and uses either LED, Xenon Gas Discharge (HID) or Halogen bulb technology.

  • Paraboloid Deck Floodlights
    With paraboloid reflector technology the light of the bulb is captured and reflected in a far reach pencil beam pattern, by a paraboloid shaped reflector, allowing precise distribution of the light beam.

  • Free Form Deck Floodlights
    Hella also makes marine decklights that use another type of reflector technology known as Free Form (FF). Here the light is distributed by both the cover lens and a free form shaped reflector, enhancing the uniformity of the light beam. Benefits of an FF reflector are that it provides more working area and wider beam patterns and it creates soft transitions with less harsh contrast. This means that the work light is more pleasing to the eye.

    Hella LED Lights For Interior And Exterior Uses

    LED lighting is a more durable, shock resistant and more energy efficient way to provide light on your boat, for both interior or exterior applications.
  • Hella EuroLED and EuroLED Touch Lamps in red, white or blue
  • Spot Lamps in red, white or blue
  • Cargo Lights for a variety of interior and exterior applications
  • DuraLed Interior And Exterior Lamps for storage lockers, wet areas and more
  • Flexible Spot Lamps for chart reading
  • Easy Fit Courtesy Lamps for steps, toe kicks, storage areas, deck fittings, signs and switches
  • Round and Square Slim Line Courtesy Lamps
  • Oval Courtesy Lights and Step Lighting
  • Marine Strip Lamps for chart reading, step lighting and general ambiance
  • Thinlite Strip Lamps for storage lockers, cabinetry, cockpits and under gunnels
  • Livewell Lamps for use in live bait tanks with wall thicknesses up to 26mm

    LED Marine Lighting Vs. Traditional Lighting

    The two main benefits of LED marine lights are their energy efficiency and long lifespan. LED lights last 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Marine LED products produce more light output per watt than traditional bulb lamps, they use less than 10 percent of the power needed to run a 25W bulb. They burn cool, which not only makes them safer to the touch but also more energy efficient, incandescent bulbs emit 98 percent of their energy as heat.

    Hella LED navigation lights provide more visibility than other traditional nav lights. An LED marine light is also more durable than other styles of light because it does not include fragile filaments, making LEDs shock resistant, vibration resistant and a long lasting, low maintenance way to provide lighting on your vessel.