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Marinco is a leading manufacturer of marine shore power components including shore power cables/cordsets and a wide range of 12V accessories to meet virtually every application. All Marinco products are designed to withstand even the harshest of marine environments. In addition, every Marinco marine electrical component meets exact performance specifications for CSAS and Marine UL to ensure that extra margin of safety.

What is the difference between marine electrical and residential/commercial grade electrical systems?

Marine grade electrical items are designed for outdoor use to withstand harsh environments, whereas residential and commercial devices are designed to be used indoors and away from the elements. Insulation and durability requirements are vastly different.

What makes Marinco electrical porduct 'marine grade'?

Marinco ensures all receptacles, plugs, connectors and other components are marine grade by constructing them from brass and then coating them with stainless steel, which greatly reduces susceptibility to salt-induced corrosion.

Marinco marine shore power covers a wide variety of product lines, including:

  • Shore Power cords, receptacles, adapters and plugs in all common amperages:
    • 15 and 20 Amp
    • 30 Amp
    • 50 Amp
    • 100 Amp
  • Shore Power Adapters
  • Shore Power Centers
  • International Shore Power Products
  • DC Connections
  • Phone & TV
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Shore Power Accessories