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MAS Epoxies

MAS offers a complete line of epoxy products, including epoxy resin systems, hardeners, fillers, adhesives and a variety of repair kits and specialty products such as wood fillers and fiberglass repair kits. Their hardeners are available in a range of curing speeds and resins offered in low viscosity formulas as well. Some of the unique features of MAS Epoxy include:
  • No blush.
    Nobody likes washing and sanding between coats. As well, washing and sanding between coats has been found to be one of the biggest culprits of contact dermatitis and a large contributor to paint failure. As a result, MAS was developed no-blush.

  • Easy mix ratios.
    MAS Epoxies have a simply 2:1 mix ratio, that you can get close enough to when simply eyeballing the measurement. The simplicity of the ration reduces the screw-up factor, and MAS has made it even easier by featuring one-push pumps.

  • Blendable hardeners.
    The blendable hardeners allow you to customize the speed of cure based on the ambient temperature, this makes MAS Epoxies very convenient to use.

  • Lower viscosity.
    The lower viscosity helps with better saturation of wood fiber and core material without cutting off brushes and have to stab the resin into the fabric or get rid of bubbles.