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Norton Abrasives

Norton is the largest worldwide manufacturer and supplier of performance engineered abrasives, providing end-user solutions from everything from the do-it-yourselfer, renovation and construction contractor, auto body repair shop and more. Their expansive expertise allows them to continually create innovative, cost-effective project solutions from large production jobs to small fix-up jobs. Whether you are sanding, grinding, or polishing, Norton has the product for you. For the marine and composite industries Norton offers a full line of stock products including sandpaper, dust free sanding systems, masking products and grinding discs.

  • Discs
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Pads
  • Polish
  • Sanding
  • Tapes and Sheeting


This is sandpaper technology at its best. It cuts 30-50% faster, runs cooler, resists loading better and lasts longer than any conventional sandpaper.
  • Premium heat-treated grain
  • Premium B-weight latex paper backing
  • FEPA P-graded grain
  • Superior bond system
  • Waterbased stearate No-Fil
  • No pigment in No-Fil or bond

AVOS Speed-Lok

Allows View Of Surface - This revolutionary abrasive system was designed for portable grinders. The unique shape of the AVOS discs allows the operator to see the surface area being ground, while the disc is spinning.
  • Unique, advanced see-thru design
  • Speed-Lok design allows for quick change and less downtime


These anti-loading discs are a cost/value line designed with a premium P-graded grain to provide a faster cut rate and extended life on composite substrated.
  • P-graded for consistent finish
  • Sharp Aluminum Oxide grain for aggressive cut
  • Premium B-weight latex bond paper for tear resistance and long life
  • No pigment in anti-loading agent to ensure color transfer

Dry Ice A975

Dry Ice sanding sheets were designed for the most demanding sanding applications, the combination of Norton SG seeded-gel and premium heat-treated grains provides the most aggressive yet coolest cut, with maximum resistance to dulling - resulting in higher cut rates and extended life (as much as 2:1 vs. conventional designs). The water-based stearate No-Fil coating provides maximum load resistance to extend the sheets life even more. The fiber reinforced B-weight latex paper provides a 50-60% improvement in tear strength while maintaining flexibility, allowing direct competition with competitive film designs.
  • Patented Norton SG ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive, P-graded
  • Unique fibre-reinforced, B-weight latex saturated backing
  • Water-based stearate, non-pigmented, No-Fil coating


The Norton Multi-Air process combines the revolutionary maximum dust extraction Multi-Air backing pad with premium abrasive Multi-Air discs to optimize performance, increase productivity and eliminate dust.
  • Revolutionary design for vacuum assist, providing a 30% increase in dust extraction
  • Cutting surface of disc remains clean
  • Premium abrasive grain
  • Unique SoftTouch discs in fine grits


Norzon grinding discs are constructed of heavy duty fibre and cloth, and are preferred by marine professionals for tough jobs like paint removal, cutting down plastic filler or prepping bare metal. Made with superior zirconia alumina abrasive, the NorZon family of products outperforms and outlasts the competition. The unique grain composition promotes a quick initial cut and actually self-sharpens with continued use.
  • Superior zirconia alumina grain
  • Super hard phenolic resin bond system


Norton is the world's largest manufacturer of abrasives, and has developed an entire line of durable and flexible waterproof products that increase productivity and profitability, while achieving the ultimate finish.
  • Premium abrasive grain
  • Improved flexible backing
  • FEPA and JIS grading


Tough, flexible and consistent, these products resist loading and are extremely flexible to help get into hard-to-reach places. Beat-Tex scuff pads won't rust or shred and may be rinsed and reused repeatedly.

Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice is the only polish to use with 3 pads, virtually eliminating the chance of cross contamination. Start with Super Cut Wool Pad to remove all sand scratches. Switch to Blue Foam Cutting Pad to remove any polish swirl marks and finish with White Foam Finishing Pad to produce a high gloss finish and deliver a quality paint job.

Norton Blue Mag

Norton Blue Mag is the roughest, toughest sandpaper made, with super strong phenolic resin as a bonding agent and flexible latex backing in an indestructible E-weight, this sandpaper is the longest lasting high performance coarse grit sandpaper ever made.
  • High strength blue latex paper backing
  • Latest NorZon grain design
  • Proven coating technique
  • Superior bond system

Tapes and Masking Products

Norton tapes and masking products are designed specifically for the professional marine refinisher. All these products are tested and re-tested to establish new standards of performance that will save time and money without sacrificing the highest degree of excellence.

Cut-Off Wheels

Norton's line of cut-off wheels are unequalled in life and cut rate for the highest productivity on a wide variety of metals.


Designed for superior performance, Norton sanding accessories are made of top quality materials. Use of Norton sanding accessories will enhance and improve Norton product performance.
  • Dual Density Wet Sanding Block - The grabbing power of these blocks mean there is no adhesive required
  • Ergonomic Sanding Blocks - Constructed of sturdy, high strength, durable material and shaped to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Sanding Boards - The Norton Sanding Board has a cushioned surface, spring clips mounted at each end securely hold 2-3/4" x 17-1/2" abrasive sheets.