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Sikaflex Marine

The Sika Marine line consists of adhesives and sealants used in boat construction and repair. Used by both trade professionals and DIY boat owners, Sikaflex's main marine products are 291, 291 LOT, 292i, 295 UV, and 296.

Sikaflex-291 is a one-component, low viscosity, thixotropic, medium modulus, polyurethane-based sealing and adhesive compound. This all-purpose grade is used for general sealing applications.

Sikaflex-292 is a one-component, thixotropic, high modulus, structural, polyurethane -based adhesive system. The product is used for a wide range of bonding applications, deck-to-hull, bedding of chain plates, through-hull fittings, toe rails and anchor plates.

Sikaflex-295 UV is a medium to fast curing, high UV and weather resistant, one-component, flexible, high-performance polyurethane-based adhesive for bonding, backfilling and sealing of windows and portholes. Sikaflex-295 UV is suitable for all types of organic (PC, PMMA) window panes.

Sikaflex-296 is a fast-curing, one-component, UV resistant, flexible, high-performance polyurethane-based adhesive for bonding windows and portholes. Sikaflex-296 is suitable for all types of mineral glass. Its high degree of UV resistance also allows the use of the system as a weatherproof sealant (back-filler).