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Boat Wax

Many marine waxes have common properties. They are designed to provide a higher gloss finish, protect your topside, whether it is gelcoat, fiberglass or topside paint, and provide UV protection from the sun's rays. Most boat wax is a "wax-on, wax-off" process that is fairly easy to apply.

Marine Wax can come in either a liquid or a paste form. Our boat wax manufacturers include 3M, Collinite, Trewax, Simoniz and Interlux. 3M marine Ultra Perfromance Paste Wax will leave a protective high gloss coating on fiberglass, gelcoat, marine topside paints painted aluminum, and metal. Contains the unique 3M polymer technology which provides the durability of an acryllic with the soil release and water beading properties of a fluoropolymer and silicone. The easy on/off formula will save time and effort and leave your boat with long lasting protection that retards UV light damage.