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Boat Winterizing Supplies

Before you store your boat (or RV) for the Winter, make sure you treat the engine and interior properly so that it will be good to go come Spring time. Marine engines need to be properly prepared for the off season. Choose from a variety of boat winterizing supplies (many of these are ideal for RV winterization as well.) Marine antifreeze and engine flush kits are just the beginning of the list of supplies needed to properly winterize your yacht or RV. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have peace of mind this winter knowing your boat's engine is properly protected and will be ready for the season!

Marine Antifreeze and the Do-it-Yourself Winterizing Kit are two of the more popular items that are commonly used to get your boat ready for the snow and ice.

Fuel Additives and Stabilizer

Stor N Start Gasoline fuel stabilizer works well with inboard and outboard engines, as well as with any engine that sees significant storage time (personal watercraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawn mowers etc). Using this fuel additive with keep gas and diesel as fresh as when it came out of the pump. his fuel stabilizer contains powerful anti-oxidants, degummers, inhibitors, and metal deactivators. Methanol-free.

Stor N Start Diesel fuel stabilizer offers the same protection, but is specially formulated for diesel engines. Extends the diesel oil's life by keeping moisture out, and keeping filters and injectors clean.

Biobor Fuel Fungicide is an additive that kills fungi and bacteria that grows in fuel lines, tanks, and filters. Left unchecked, stringy gooey masses can cause metal corrosion, and damage rubber and tank coatings. Popular for marine engines, but also used in light oil, diesel and jet fuel.

ValveTect Lead substitute gas additive is specially formulated for marine engines. Although it contains no lead or alcohol, this lead substitute offers more uniform blending and fuel stability.

CRC Marine Engine Stor Fog Fluid. Sometimes called 'Fogging fluid', it protects the internals of marine engines and also works well as anti-seize lubricant.

Winterization Tips:

  • Fuel Tank: Fill up your gas (diesel) tanks before hauling out. Add the proper engine stabilizer. We recommend Stor-n-Start Gas or Diesel (depending on your engine). When filling up a gasoline engine, make sure to use a marine treated higher octane fuel. This along with the full tank itself will prevent condensation. For diesel engines, we suggest using Biobor JF Fuel Fungicide, as bacteria within diesel will often lead to a Fungal or Bacterial Decay
  • Flushing your Engine: Provide your engine with a Freshwater flush, especially if it is an outboard, our Inboard/Outboard (stearn drive). We also have a Fog Fluid for your Outboard Engine's carburetor.
  • Inboard Engines: Inboard engines are complex, and should be dealt with by a professional or a boat yard. For the adventurous Do-it-Yourselfer, Jabsco developed an Oil Changer kit. Again, Jamestown Distributors recommends consulting an engine technician before going about it yourself.
  • Bilges:Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and add a Marine/RV Non-Toxic Antifreeze.