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Cotter Pins, Rings and Clevis Pins

Cotter Pins, Rings and Clevis Pins are common fasteners in the world of boating and sailing. There are used for a variety of rigging applications.

Clevis Pins are offered in Stainless Steel. Defined as a shaft with a flat head and an opening across the bottom of the shank that a pin is inserted into. They are fastened with either circular pins (commonly referred to as 'ring dings'), safety pins, or cotter pins, and are common rigging essentials found on many sailboats. Often lost and misplaced, it's a good idea to have extra clevis pins aboard.

Cotter Pins are pins with a loop on one end, and two sides. Usually inserted through clevis pins, the ends of the cotter pin are split and bent over to prevent it from becoming unsecured. Available in stainless steel, silicon bronze and brass. Also referred to as split pins, American standard cotter pin sizes are in nominal fractional inches, starting at 1/32. The sizes below 5/16 inch are intended to fit a hole 1/64 inch larger than the pin size; for pins larger than that the pin and hole size are the same.