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Each type of nut is designed for different applications. We offer nuts in a range of materials: stainless steel, brass, silicon bronze or galvanized steel.

Acorn Nuts are also called cap nuts. They protect and hide the screw or bolt threaded end. Excellent for decorative or finish work, offered in stainless steel or brass.

Tee Nuts are designed to be recessed, usually deep into wood. Tee nuts' 'teeth' enable them to lock and secure into the wood. To install, you drill a small hole into the wood and hammer the nut into place. The screw used will pull the nut in. Used in many general outdoor projects.

Castle Nuts are a type of locking hex nut that has a provision for insertion of a cotter pin. Generally, this is a slotted cylindrical section on one end of the nut.

Hex Nuts a general purpose six-sided nut. Typically used with a bolt or machine screw. Available in silicon bronze, stainless steel, galvanized, or brass. Metric sizes are also available. Standard, fine, and heavy thread.

Lock Nuts feature a nylon insert that "locks" to the threads of the fastener. Sometimes called Nylock nuts or aircraft nuts (referring to the industry where they were first used), these nylon locking nuts are excellent for use where a long-term lock is desired. Vibration will not loosen them. Available in 316 stainless, stainless, or brass, in standard and metric sizes.

Wing Nuts feature protruding 'wings' to facilitate hand tightening/removal. Ease of use makes wing nuts a good choice for on-board, non-critical jobs. Available in brass or stainless steel.

Barrel Nuts accept a phillips driver on a screw-like head. A machine screw threads into the sleeve-like body, creating a decorative look for both sides. Choose from chrome-plated brass or stainless steel.

Coupling Nuts are elongated tubular hex nuts that are used to connect threaded rods. Available in stainless steel, buy them individually or by the box.

Jam Nuts are a thinner version of a hex nut and are used to lock up against (ie 'jam') a larger hex nut. Available in regular, heavy, coarse, or fine thread, in silicon bronze, brass, or stainless steel.

Eye Nuts thread onto rod or bolts to create a lifting point or attachment for line. Eye nuts make an excellent inboard backer for boweyes used in smaller powerboats where winch strap connects boat to trailer. Eye nuts are very useful in dinghies for additional attachment points inboard and outboard of a transom or boweye.