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The Weld Mount Fastening System

Weld Mount is a complete line of "Instant Bond" fasteners and adhesives designed to bond directly to almost any surface without using fixtures or clamps.

The system cover a wide range of fasteners such as wire tie mounts, hose and cable clamps, studs, standoffs, and floating nutplates. All Weld Mount fasteners are secured using unique non-sag acrylic adhesives that hold parts in place on vertical or overhead surfaces with a permanent high strength bond. Weld Mount adhesives are rated from -65 to 250 degrees and set in 15 minutes or less.

Weld Mount Adhesives

The heart of the system are acrylic adhesives specifically formulated for use with Weld Mount parts. They are high strength, high viscosity methacrylates with incredible strength in both tensile and shear. We have a range of different adhesives depending upon your application requirements.

  • AT-1030 is a good general purpose adhesive packaged in a manual plunger cartridge. Simply snip off the two end caps and dispense the needed amount of adhesive onto a clean surface and mix it by hand. AT-1030 cures in 10 - 12 minutes, has a 6 minute working time and develops working strength in 40 minutes. AT-1030 has a 12 month shelf life when stored at 72 degrees. We recommend that where ever possible this adhesive be refrigerated. Packaged in a 30ml cartridge this adhesive does not require the adhesive gun or mixing tips. The 30ml cartridge will bond 30 - 50 parts.
  • AT-2010 is our biggest seller and is a unique adhesive. It has high viscosity and will hold smaller parts without sagging. Heavier parts may need our AT-690 fixture dots to hold parts in place while the adhesive kicks. AT-2010 cures in 5 - 6 minutes, has a 4 minute working time and develops working strength in 15 -20 minutes. This makes AT-2010 the ideal adhesive for applications which require an immediate high strength bond. AT-2010 has a 6 month shelf life when stored at 72 degrees. We recommend that where ever possible this adhesive be refrigerated. Packaged in a 50ml cartridge and can be mixed by hand or by using our AT-300 gun and mixing tips. The 50ml cartridge will bond 150 - 200 parts.
  • AT-4020 Acrylic Adhesive will bond to Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Wood and many other substrates. However, it should be noted that the Weld Mount adhesive will not bond well to StarBoard, low energy plastics or rubber. AT-4020 Acrylic Adhesive is a specially formulated to hold studs and standoffs without sagging. The Acrylic Adhesive cures in 20 minutes and has a working strength within 45 minutes at 72 Degrees F. The 50 ML cartridge will bond approximately 100-150 parts.
  • AT-6030 is a 10 to 1 metal bonding adhesive. It has high viscosity and cures in 10 - 12 minutes, has a 6 minute working time and develops working strength in 40 minutes. AT-6030 develops in excess of 2,500 lbs (psi) tensile strength on most metal surfaces making it an ideal alternative to welding in many applications. AT-6030 has a 6 month shelf life and should always be stored refrigerated. Packaged in a 38ml cartridge this adhesive must be used with our AT-300 gun, AT-12 plunger and and AT-650 mixing tips. The 38ml cartridge will bond 80 - 120 parts.

Marine Applications

Use Weld Mount when mounting components to the hull or decks of cored fiberglass boats. Surface bonding Weld Mount fasteners eliminates the need to drill holes through the laminate into the core, removing the danger of delamination due to water intrusion. Because bonded Weld Mount fasteners are stronger, the need to glass in wood or other materials just to have a mounting surface is eliminated. This saves significant labor,materials, time and expense while also reducing the weight of the boat.

Adhesive bonded fasteners eliminate holes in composite structures which leads to leak paths and also weakens the panel. Weld Mount fasteners are faster to install and require less skilled workers saving cost and weight.

The Weld Mount Fastening System is ideal for mounting electronic components, primary wire and cable runs, submerged bilge wire and hose bundles, as well as securely mounted firewall and bulkhead wiring.

On metal boats Weld Mount eliminates welding, drilling and tapping saving significant labor costs. Often welding is not an alternative on finished boats due to fire hazards. Welding often results in warpage and discoloration of the metal which can be difficult if not impossible to remove.

Automotive Applications

Weld Mount fasteners are used for many automotive applications:

Hot Rod and Custom Car Builders use Weld Mount wire ties for running wire bundles. This eliminates drilling holes into the frame and in firewalls. Weld Mount stainless studs and clamps are also used for mounting brake lines and other hoses, hard lines & plumbing.

Earth Moving Equipment manufacturers can cut production cost by using bonded tie mounts as an alternative to welding clips to hold wire harnesses.

Stereo Equipment Installers use Weld Mount studs for mounting amplifiers and other audio equipment.