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Dynel Cloth

Dynel is a popular laminate synthetic fabric used for museum-quality restoration work on wooden boats. It's strong and supple like a true woven fabric, with no fibers to irritate your skin.

Used in reinforced plastic composites, Dynel fabric has very high abrasion resistance and but swells in the resin such that it works better if vacuum bagged or pressure molded. Other desirable Dynel traits are its strong tensile strength rating and high flame resistance.

In marine applications, the most common uses of Dynel are for wear patches on boats, edgings on paddles, and the like. It has also been used as a deck covering on wooden sailboats and is a good choice anywhere that abrasion is a consideration.

(This material is similar in its abrasion resistance to the original Dynel made by Union Carbide, which has been unavailable for many years, but it may be chemically different and have different properties in aspects other than abrasion.) Please note that it retains a milky appearance when saturated rather than turning clear in the resin like fiberglass. 5 OZ 54 in. WIDE PLAIN WEAVE.