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Boat Cleats

Cleats are available in several designs and materials. Each cleat type is appropriate for defined applications.

The Classic Herreshoff (yacht) Cleat is a classic design that offers strength, beauty and a functional shape. The yacht cleat is available in both bronze and stainless steel.

Galvanized Dock cleats are rugged, economical and functional.

The Brass Solid Base cleat is designed to handle smaller jobs.

Line Cleats are great for lighter loads like flag halyards and fender lines.

Surfboard Cleats are available in two types, Rounded cleat or Flat cleat. A contemporary design for the "ultra modern" look. Kits include backing plate, nuts, and washers.

Mooring Bitts are larger, beefier hardware pieces designed to handle dock, anchor and tow lines. Due to their size Mooring Bitts can be more difficult to install.