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Brass Hinges

Brass Table Hinges When opened, are flush with the surface and lock into place. Sold in pairs of highly polished brass.Brass T Hinges feature polished brass construction, measuring 1-1/2 in. distance from the pin to the t edge.

Brass Butt Hinges are available in standard butt or fast pin. Sold in piars. Various sizes available, heavy gauge construction.

Brass Cabinet Hinges feature a 3/8 inches offset, and are also available in chrome finish.

Brass Piano Hinges are all six feet long, in varying widths. Feature pre-drilled holes and provide uniform strength / pressure along the entire length. Easy to align, smooth pivoting.

Brass Cuddy Door Hinges polished brass construction, for cuddy doors.

Brass Strap Hinges are available in four or six inch sizes, in pairs of polished brass.

Brass Lift off Hinges are available in pull out, lift off knuckle, and lift off H-hinge designs.

Brass Self Closing hinges are springloaded! This makes them great for creating auto-closing cabinet doors etc. Sold in pairs.

Bronze Hinges

Bronze Hatch Hinges feature a quick release pin allowing hatches to open forward or aft. The pin hole is large enough that a lock may be inserted. Also available in a 'long' hatch hinge version.

Bronze Snap Apart Hinges do not require tools. Easy access via snap apart design by Murray.

Stainless Steel Hinges

Many of our hinges listed in other metals are also available in stainless steel and chrome. We have Stamped, Cast, Butt, Snap Apart and Piano hinges in stainless steel. Sold in pairs.

Chrome Hinges

If you see a brass hinge that interests you but would prefer a chrome finish, look again. We have just about all of the brass hinges also available in chrome, as well as chrome hatch hinges and offset cabinet hinges.

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